on floors and walls in stone material, both indoors and outdoors, such as: cotto, stone, marble, cement, mineral plaster, porcelain tiles and ceramic materials. Ideal for waterproofing joints in clinker and porcelain tiles floors.




in the event of water infiltration from surfaces (eg terraces, balconies, showers, plasters), caused by surface cracks up to 1.5 mm wide;



✔ can be reapplied;

✔ repairs and avoids high dismantling costs and, if applied correctly, lasts for years.

✔ prevents the formation of efflorescence and algae;

✔ forms an invisible chemical barrier that drastically reduces water absorption capacity;

✔ consolidates leaks and restores the original cohesion of the materials;

✔ it has excellent resistance to aging, foot traffic and atmospheric agents;

✔ does no film on the surface and does not alter the appearance of the material. It does not yellow.



apply ACQUABLOCK on clean, degreased and completely dry flooring. It is recommended that the surface is not wet for at least 24-48h;

one or more coats can be applied, depending on the absorption of the material
(ex. on a porcelain tiles and on a ceramic, the application of one coat is enough. On a very absorbent handmade cotto, it’s better to apply two or more hands);

any hands are given “wet on wet” (you should wait the absorption of the first coat, without letting it dry, then you have to apply the second one);

apply ACQUABLOCK with a brush or cloth;

after about 5-10 min, when the material is saturated, remove it completely with a cloth;

the product dries and can be walked on after about 6-8 hours;

apply the product avoiding that the surfaces just treated, being wet from the rain before 24 hours from the application.

N.B. in case of doubt, it is advisable to degrease the surface with SGRISER before the treatment.



it depends on the absorption of the material:

 on stones, cotto e.g. “Tuscany”, cements 1 lt / 10-15 sqm;

 on plasters, terracotta and very absorbent stones 1 lt / 4-8 sqm.


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