On all absorbent stony materials (Terracotta, Stones, Cements, Porcelain stoneware, Ceramics, etc. at floor and covering) placed outside. Ideal to waterproof joints of floors in Klinker and porcelain stoneware.


ACQUABLOCK 100 eliminates seepages of water form handmades (terraces, balconies) caused by superficial crackings and cracks, with large till 1,5 mm and prevents the formation of efflorescences and algaes.


After 5-10 minutes remove completely the product not absorbed from the material rubbing the surface with dry soft cloth or blotting paper. The application of the eventual second coat must be made (“wet on wet”) as soon as the first is dry on the surface. ACQUABLOCK 100 dries in 6-8 hours. Protect or avoid that surfaces that have just been treated could be wet by the rain before 24 hours from the application. Don’t apply on very hot surfaces in the hours of strong insolation or in windy days.

Read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of products.


– It doesn’t change the colour of material. It doesn’t make film.

– It has an excellent resistance to the ageing.

– It doesn’t become yellow.

– Consolidating components restore the original cohesion of the materials.


ACQUABLOCK 100: it depends on the absorption of the material:

– on stones, cotto type “Tuscany”, cements 1 lt / 10-15 sqm

– on plasters, terrecotte and very absorbent stones 1 lt / 4-8 sqm.


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