Cleaner for removal of smog facades

Product which quickly removes oily substances, fat deposits from air pollution, guano. Easily applicable also on vertical surfaces.

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For the decrusting washing-degreaser strong on all the stone materials (brick, stone, stoneware, cement, etc.). Thanks to its viscosity can be easily applied on vertical surfaces.


It uses pure. Spread the product on the surface and leave it to act at least 10-20 minutes. Wipe the surface with pads or discs in plastics fibers or with brushes made of nylon. Do not use the equipment in the plant material or animal. Always rinse with plenty of water. On the materials very porous is recommended neutralize CLEANER FC with dilute acid (es. Solution 1:10 Of DELICACID). Protect the painted surfaces and in anodized aluminum from contact with the cleaner FC.

On average 1 lt / 4-8 sqm.


5 kg.

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