Cleaner for the removal of epoxy grout residues

Product specific thickened cleaner for the removal of the residues and of epoxy grouts stains on porcelain, ceramic, granite and quartzite.

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Thickened mixture of organic solvents that do not contain CFCs. On all surfaces in porcelain tile, glazed ceramic tiles, glass mosaics. It can be used to clean up the compact stone materials (eg. Granites, Quartzite, etc.). Can be used both inside and outside, removes hardened residues of the grout on the tile surface without causing corrosion or discoloration of the grout has already hardened escape. Due to its viscosity it can also be used with ease on the vertical surfaces.


Using pure. Wait at least 24 hours after grouting before using NOEPOX. Always apply on a dry surface. Apply the product with a brush or roller on the surface to be cleaned. Always work on limited areas (not more than 30 square meters). Leave for about 30-60 minutes on the dried grout residue, 2-4 hours or more on hardened residues and consistent grout. Then rinse with water (preferably with UNIPUL detergent water solution 1:10) rubbing the surface with a nylon brush or abrasive sponge, moving diagonally across the joints. A floor you can intervene with floor machine with the appropriate discs. Finally, rinse with water again.

To remove dried residues (after about 1-2 days.), 1 lt / 15-20 sqm;
to remove residues of hardened (after 2-3 days.), 1 lt / 10-15 sqm.


1 litro.

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