Sanitizing detergent for microporous stone materials

Concentrated detergent for cleaning and removing trampling dirt, even the most stubborn, from microporous stone materials such as: rough and non-slip porcelain tiles, ceramic, klinker, stones and polished or honed agglomerates.


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MICRONET is a concentrated detergent for the deep cleaning of surfaces in porcelain stoneware, ceramic, klinker, polished and honed stones, cement or synthetic agglomerates.


✔ quickly and deeply removes trampling dirt, even the most stubborn, from low-absorption or non-absorbent materials with a high degree of roughness;

✔ it is excellent for cleaning highly walkable or non-slip surfaces, where dirt from trampling penetrates into the porosity of the material, making them difficult to clean;

✔ keeps the material and the joints clean by ordinary use;

✔ does not contain strong alkalis (caustic soda, potash, ammonia);

✔ has low foaming, is odorless and does not leave halos.



The concentration of use depends on the type of dirt to be removed:

• Pure or diluted 1 part of MICRONET in 1 part of water: for the removal of stains and stubborn dirt.

  1. Pour the product on the stain or on the surface;
  2. Wait a few minutes and wipe with buffer or soft discs for monobrush;
  3. Remove the residue with wet vacuum or dry cloth;
  4. Finally rinse the surface with a diluted acid solution, to remove the residues (eg solution 2 – 5% of DELICACID).

Dilute 50cc – 100cc of MICRONET in 1 liter of water: for extraordinary washing of surfaces.

  1. Pour on the surface to be cleaned;
  2. Leave it act for a few minutes and wipe with buffers or soft discs for monobrush until the dirt is removed;
  3. Remove residue and dirt with wet vacuum or soft cloth and then rinse with water;
  4. On some materials (polished or smooth surfaces) it may be useful to clean again the surface with a clean damp cloth.

• Dilute 10cc – 100cc of MICRONET in 1 liter of water: for the ordinary cleaning of highly trampled floors, with washer-dryer machine or microfiber cloth.

Do not use on surfaces treated with polymeric waxes.


depending on the concentrations of use.


1 lt;

5 lt.




Hazard statements: Causes serious eye irritation.

Precautionary statements: Protect eyes / face. – If eye irritation persists, consult a doctor.

Contains: phosphates 5% <C <15%, anionic surfactants <5%






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