For the extraordinary cleaning and the removal of dirt caused by trampling, even the most stubborn, from microporous stone materials, such as: porcelain tiles, ceramic, quarry tiles, polished stones and agglomerates.

Concentrated detergent based on inorganic salts, ideal for:
the deep cleaning of surfaces in porcelain tiles, ceramic, klinker, polished stones, cement or synthetic agglomerates.
It removes stubborn dirt, penetrated into the microporosity of the materials.
Excellent for joints cleaning between ceramic tiles, blackened by accumulated dirt.
Low foaming.
It does not leave halos.


The concentration of use depends on the type of dirt to be removed:
Pure or diluted 1 part of MICRONET in 1 part of water: for the removal of stains and stubborn dirt. Pour the product on the stain or on the surface, wait a few minutes and wipe with pads or soft disks for floor scrubber. Remove the residue with wet vacuum or dry cloth. Finally rinse the surface with a diluted acid solution, to remove the residues (eg solution 2 – 5% of DELICACID).
Dilute 50cc – 100cc of MICRONET in 1 liter of water: for extraordinary washing of surfaces. Pour on the surface to be cleaned, leave to act for a few minutes and wipe with buffers or soft disks for floor brush until the dirt is removed. Remove residue and dirt with wet vacuum or soft cloth and then rinse with water. On some materials (polished or smooth surfaces) it may be useful to clean again the surface with a clean damp cloth.
Dilute 10cc – 100cc of MICRONET in 1 liter of water: for the ordinary cleaning of highly trampled floors, with washer-dryer machine.

Depending on the concentrations of use.


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