2 February 2017

Exterior wood treatment

Le migliori soluzioni per trattare le superfici esterne in legno

Choose wood to pave an outer surface, means giving a touch of warmth and beauty that surrounds the House, whether it be a pool, with a terrace or in a garden. Wood brings out and d importance to surrounding context and among all materials that are most in tune with the natural elements.

What kind of wood should you choose?

Choose materialsuitable for flooring important, just as important to choose the most suitable cleaning products for treating and protecting wood outside. Among the Driftwood pi used to construct such asteak, a wood pi,always chosen for its qualities ofrobustnessandresistanceto dilation that make it suitable to be used in boating to build boats and also perfect forflooringandwall tiles.

Exterior wood treatment: what better solution?

Now you have your own beautiful wooden floor outside, but the question: How to keep it cool and improve it with time? One of the advantages of wood indeed to become more beautiful over time, but be careful! Climate change that exposed or improper maintenance can also ruin it hopelessly, for this important to make the right choice and this article will help you to clarify ideas.

Impregnating oil or water-based protective treatment?

The first question to ask whether it is better to choose a treatment with oil stain or a protective water-based. The treatment with oil stainis to prevent stains, water or other agents can ruin a beautiful floor.  In order to protect the waxy oil product pi OLIO41. suitable This specific product penetrates the porosity of the fibers without creating superficial films, preserving the natural appearance of the wood. OLIO41 applies to all wooden surfaces pre-oiled or uncut outside. The product you use pure or diluted with AGRUMOIL or DILUOIL and must be distributed with vala wax spreader evenly the surface wetting. After about 20-30 minutes can remove excess product by rubbing the surface with a soft cloth. On essence PIs tampons may be necessary to apply a second coat after about 12-24 hours (until completely absorbed the first hand).

Water-based protective: a viable alternative for the treatment of external wooden surfaces.

In recent years more and more companies are careful not to damage the nature and also regulations are not exactly pi. Fortunately today there are low-impact products that make the same results even better than others. ORC STAIN the hybrid nature of water-based protective oleo-resinous-waxy that permeates deeply the wood, giving it a strong water repellency and weather resistance without creating superficial films thick and shiny. Very quick drying and the treatment ends with a day’s work. The preservative based on water also has the advantage of better adapt to changes undergoing the wood over time. The choice of treatment depends on many factors; If you are undecided or need specific advice please feel free to contact us or to leave comments under the article; we will be happy to help!

How to improve and make it less demanding maintenance of outdoor wood floors?

To keep your wood floors always manicured and beautiful the treatment should be performed once a year resulting in economic and energy uses, but if we told you that you can increase this time interval? The solution BARRIER, protective finish product, dirt in water based exterior wood ideal for finishing and wood preservation. BARRIER renews and revives the surface giving a new sheen to the paviementi and forms a highly durable micro-layer which gives a greater water repellency and dirt protection. BARRIER must be stirred before use and applied with a sponge or brush so evenly wet the surface avoiding excesses or sagging. Just one coat of the product and is a fast drying time (20-30 minutes) Use BARRIER allows you to not have to spend each year on protection for exterior surfaces made of wood. Do you have a question or curiosity? Leave us a comment!

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