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11 November 2019

The best work of the month: how to remove smog dirt?

Are you looking for a solution to clean smog dirt from the walls? Discover the techniques and products to eliminate stubborn stains and blackening.

This month, the most beautiful work, brings us to Asti to view an extraordinary intervention of
cleaning and water-repellent treatment, performed on a beautiful external façade, of the building that hosts the new ANFFAS headquarters.
The talented artisans of the company “Non Solo Colla“, had to face and solve,
with the help of products to clean external walls, the age-old problem related to the dirt on the walls created by air pollution.

prodotti-per-pulire-muri-esterni products to clean external walls

The degradation that most frequently affects the external walls is the deterioration caused by the smog and the aggression of atmospheric agents. In fact, due to the nesting of dust and soot, stains and black patinas appear on the facades over the years.

This “dirt”, in addition to the walls of buildings, also attacks the other external components of the house such as the terrace and floors, compromising its beauty.

This decay obviously isn’t pretty to see, that’s why we decided to present you in this article, tips and suggestions also for cleaning concrete balconies using the best products to clean external walls.

But let’s start with order and find out what type of smog is most harmful to our walls and how we can act to eliminate it properly.

The smog, which creates black spots and spots on the walls, can be of two types:

  • classic smog: a pollution caused by the action of sulfur dioxide and dust in low insolation conditions, or at the first light of dawn.
  • photochemical smog: caused by nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur oxides (SOx), ozone (O3), dust and other volatile organic compounds, under the action of solar radiation.

Naturally the climatic and environmental conditions greatly influence the appearance of the so-called “black crust” on the walls.
Humid environments are enemies of houses. Irreparably, sooner or later, on surfaces more exposed to adverse weather conditions, green or black spots appear due to the formation of algae, mold and moss.
Discovering how to clean the external surfaces from algae, mosses and lichens becomes indispensable to avoid running into problems of neglect and to maintain an adequate decorum of the components that adorn our home.

The best products to clean exterior walls

To remove stains from the external surfaces of the house we can call a specialized company or, using the appropriate technique and the right products to clean external walls, we can do a great job even on our own.

There are different types of washing. Today we want to present you the technique and the products that the artisans of Poppa Renato’s “Non Solo Colla” company used to clean the façade of the Asti institute.
Following the steps we will also discover how to clean concrete balconies.

prodotti-per-pulire-muri-esterni products to clean external walls

Intervention phases: how to clean concrete balconies

As a first step, the artisans, considering the encrusted dirt, applied a specific product to the walls, the PULITORE FC: a detergent that quickly removes oily substances, greasy deposits from atmospheric pollution, guano.

prodotti-per-pulire-muri-esterni products to clean external walls

Thanks to its consistency, PULITORE FC is easy to apply also on vertical surfaces.
The product was applied pure and was left to work for an hour.
Once the cycle was finished, with the help of a pressure washer, the residues were removed and the entire surface was rinsed with water.
As a second step, a strong degreasing-dewaxing wash was performed with an alkaline solvent detergent: SGRISER.

prodotti-per-pulire-muri-esterni products to clean external walls

To wash the floor of the building, the experts used ECOMARBEC: ecological and hypoallergenic detergent for floors; ideal for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces gently, without damaging the materials.

prodotti-per-pulire-muri-esterni products to clean external walls

An abundant coat of water repellent was applied 3 days after surgery.

We can say that, looking at the photos, the difference between before and after is clearly visible!

prodotti-per-pulire-muri-esterni products to clean external walls


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