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1 April 2020

Matt and polished porcelain floor tiles: how to clean them to always have them shiny?

Polished porcelain and matt porcelain tiles are similar materials but for their cleaning they need different care. Let’s find out immediately why!

Every day we receive many requests for information on the various methods of cleaning porcelain floor tiles and this is why we decided to collect all your questions and clarify all doubts about two of the most popular coverings of this period:
polished porcelain tiles and matt porcelain tiles.

gres-porcellanato-opaco matt porcelain floor tiles

We deliberately talked about two different materials since the porcelain tiles, depending on the chosen finish,
have their own characteristics and needs that we must necessarily know to treat them in the most appropriate way.
Even though polished porcelain and matt porcelain tiles have very similar structural characteristics, the problems and risks to which they are subject are certainly not similar, and even more the ways to take care of them.

So let’s clarify and find out together how to clean porcelain tiles perfectly.

How to clean matt porcelain floor tiles?

In just a few years, matt porcelain floor tiles have conquered a very large number of people, struggling with the choice of coverings for their home.
And how can you blame them? Porcelain tile is a splendid material, which has become famous, as well as for its aesthetic beauty, for two fundamental characteristics loved mostly by women: wear resistance and the “little attention” that it requires in terms of cleaning.
It is well known that matt porcelain tiles, unlike other coverings, are very resistant but it’s not a super hero.
Even matt porcelain tiles, like all surfaces, needs specific attention, a careful and delicate care.
It is true that opaque porcelain floor tiles don’t tend to stain easily, but it’s a porous surface.
In fact, its worst defect is precisely that of keeping dirt from trampling in its veins.

If stains appear on this material, the cause is usually found in the wrong use of porcelain tile very greasy and vulnerable to stains.

Therefore, for today’s cleaning, after having removed all the excess dust, we recommend washing the opaque porcelain floor tiles
always with a specific and professional product such as: GRES LINDO specific detergent for matt porcelain floor tiles.

gres-porcellanato-opaco matt porcelain floor tiles
Specific detergent for the ordinary cleaning of porcelain tile surfaces.

GRES LINDO thanks to its formula removes dirt and graying and avoids the need for frequent washing with aggressive acid detergents.

For extraordinary cleaning, on the other hand, it is advisable to wash the porcelain floor tiles once a month with GRES BRILL: diluted 30 cc / lt, in fact, it is ideal for extraordinary cleaning on very haloned porcelain tiles and with difficult wettability.

Considering that the precautions against dirt are never enough, to prevent the appearance of stains, we also recommend a simple additional treatment: ANTISPORCO a stain-resistant protective for porcelain tiles.

gres-porcellanato-opaco matt porcelain floor tiles
Water-based stain protection specific for porcelain floor tiles and walls.

This wonderful protective product forms an invisible anti-stain chemical barrier on the surface, which protects porcelain tiles and joints from daily dirt and facilitates routine cleaning.

How to clean polished porcelain tiles?

Another thing is to find out how to wash polished porcelain floor tiles.
In addition to its elegance and refinement, polished porcelain tiles, compared to the matt version, is characterized by its delicacy.
This type of flooring, like all glossy finishes, is more subject to the appearance of halos,
stains and scratches.
The typical stains are mainly caused by limestone deposits due to “hard water” present in some areas of the Italian territory.
In some areas of Italy the water contains a high rate of limestone and the latter, as well as attaching the taps, remains impregnated even on the floors creating a patina that helps to retain dirt, to gray the floor and stain it.
So, in order not to spoil our polished porcelain tiles and to keep the characteristics of the finish intact,
it is advisable not to use aggressive detergents, but products for precious surfaces such as marble.
Furthermore, it is a good habit to avoid oily products or waxes, as they would make the surface too slippery, without having removed any grease lay on the surface.

So use the right products such as GRES BRILL, a concentrated detergent for polished porcelain tiles,
also effective in the presence of limestone, which does not contain strong acids and is ideal for frequent washing.

gres-porcellanato-lucido polished porcelain floor tiles
Concentrated anti-halos detergent for polished porcelain tiles.

To degrease the surface and make it even more shiny, we recommend that you pass the entire surface with GRES LINDO,
once a month.

By following these tips, alternating ordinary cleaning with extraordinary cleaning and using
the high quality professional Marbec products, the battle against all the pitfalls will see us as winners,
and our matt and polished porcelain floor tiles will make our home shine even more.

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