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20 May 2019

How to remove rust stains from the floor?

Have you done gardening but the fertilizer has stained your terrace? Don't worry, we show you how to remove rust stains from the floor.

May, as we know, it is the ideal month to dedicate a few hours of our day, besides spring cleaning, to gardening.
It will be for the temperature that increases, the first flowering of the plants, the colors and the sweet scents of the petals, but we all want to tidy up terraces and gardens.
After the winter hibernation, the beautiful season is in fact perfect to protect and revitalize our green so, it’s time for pruning, revitalizing, greening lawn … but let’s always remember to be very careful with these substances because, after gardening, we could find unpleasant surprises like, for example, rust stains on the tiles.

How to remove rust stains from the floor

Why do rust stains appear on our floors?

The care of our plants can sometimes give us unpleasant surprises; we often hear of mistakes made during this relaxing hobby, too much water, little light for the plants, etc .; so today we want to include this also in the “black thumb” list: little care in using fertilizer and greening the lawn.

If you are wondering why, we will explain it to you immediately. If on the one hand these components are indispensable “ingredients” to nourish and protect our plants, on the other hand, containing ferrous sulphate, they represent real threats to our outdoor floors that are close to the green as: paths, walls, stone sidewalks.
In fact, ferrous sulphate coming into contact with surfaces can cause ugly rust stains on the tiles.
The rust stains
are yellowish stains that besides ruining the beauty of the material, are really difficult to eliminate.
That’s why it is good to be very careful during the use of these components and, considering how hard it’s to clean external stone floors, let’s not make the situation worse!

How to remove rust stains from the floor

How to remove rust stains from the floor

How to prevent rust stains on floors?

Now, we show you simple tricks to better protect outdoor floors to avoid the appearance of rusty stains.

  • Before starting gardening operations in the presence of stone surfaces such as floors, terraces, lanes, we protect the boundary ends with nylon or old sheets and paper tape. By isolating the surface, we will be able to avoid contact.
  • To spread the fertilizer, in areas of “border” between lawn and floors, we use precision brushes.
  • Always take care not to step on the product and do not walk on the floors. Always use special shoes.

Natural solutions to eliminate rust stains

To remove rust stains from the floor, rust must essentially be dissolved.
If the halos are of reduced size and they’re not too expanded we can try to eliminate them with natural remedies such as:

  • Wet the stains with lemon juice, let it work for an hour, then wash the floor with water and mild soap. Never use lemon on stone materials, the acidity of the lemon could corrode the surface.
  • Create a fairly pasty solution with thick salt and a little water, spread the cream on the stains, let it work for 24 hours, then wash with cold water.
  • Place bicarbonate on the stain and rub vigorously.

A specific product to remove rust from the floor

On the other hand, if the rust spots appear to be very extensive or present on the surface for a long time, it will be necessary to use a specific product to remove them from the floor such as TOGLIRUGGINE, a specific ready-to-use stain remover that removes metal oxide stains and protects all rust from rust surfaces in stone material.

How to remove rust stains from the floor


TOGLIRUGGINE acts quickly and not being an acid product, it can also be used on delicate stone materials such as polished marble and travertine, polished grit and slate.

How to remove rust stains from the floor

How to remove rust stains from the floor

How to remove rust stains from the floor

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