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29 July 2019

Anti-slip floor: an ideal solution

An anti-slip floor is essential to prevent unpleasant surprises. Find out right away how to make a floor safer

Thinking about summer, what are the three things that immediately come to our mind?
Surely: sun, sea and water!
Water in all its variants; in these sultry days in fact, whether you are in the garden, on the terrace or on the edge of a swimming pool, the desire to “dive into freshness” is continuous, especially for children!
With children, games in the garden, diving in the pool and water balloon, or whatever is synonymous with summer, are on the agenda. As often in all these activities, it’s normal that “insidious contingencies” will occur.
So, playing with water, it is almost impossible to prevent the little ones from running from one side to the other of terraces and gardens running into the usual more or less dangerous slips.
That is why it is good to be careful and maybe prevent with a suitable anti-slip floor because, as you know, preventing children from running in these situations is literally impossible.
Incidents caused by a slippery floor naturally do not only affect children; adults, even if more prudent, they are certainly not immune to falls and slips.
This is why it is essential to act in advance and adopt simple measures to avoid the worst.

pavimento-antiscivolo anti-slip floor

Slippery floor: causes

Slips and falls can be caused by many factors and therefore the attentions we can take to prevent them by drastically reducing the risk of accidents are different.
The greatest number of falls occurs on smooth floors, edges of swimming pools, tiles, which, if wet, increase their dangerousness.
The list of riskier surfaces undoubtedly includes porcelain tiles, ceramic and granite floors.
Preventing and securing these types of surfaces can be the best solution to effectively eliminate this long-standing problem.
Equipping yourself with an anti-slip floor is the ideal solution!
But if at this point, you are wondering how it is possible to turn a slippery floor into a anti-slip floor, we will reveal it to you immediately!

How to make a floor not slippery?

If you have not given too much importance to this issue during the planning and installation phase, don’t worry you can always recover.
To make a floor safe and make it anti-slip, there are several very effective treatments.
Of course, the anti-slip treatments must be chosen based on the material of the floor.
For floors in stone materials containing silicates such as porcelain tiles, it is possible to work with the product: GRIPPER. An aqueous solution of inorganic salts for the anti-slip treatment of all silicate-containing materials: granite, porcelain tiles, glazed ceramic, etc.

pavimento-antiscivolo anti-slip floor

This treatment reacts and attacks the silica part of these materials, creating a microporosity that increases the friction coefficient, drastically reducing the slipperiness of the wet surface.
GRIPPER easy and quick to apply is an invisible and immediately effective solution.
Suitable for both internal and external surfaces, if required it can be certified by third parties (court experts), so as to obtain an anti-slip certification that safeguards and certifies the safety of the flooring, especially in public areas.

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