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14 October 2019

The best work of the month: a cotto floor treatment

This month we are talking about a treatment on a truly special cotto floor.

Every month, for a while now, we have the pleasure to find “the most beautiful work” among the many works done.
We must admit that making this decision is never easy, because the skill of our collaborators,
far exceeding expectations, it amazes us every time.
Restoration, cleaning, recoveries, interventions, one more demanding than the other, which give us incredible results.
This month, however, we did not make much effort, we immediately agreed and soon you will discover why.
Among the beautiful works carried out, there’s a particular cotto floor treatment of a fantastic location,
made by the experts of MG di Empoli, that fascinated us more than others, so we decided to present it to you in every detail.

Let’s start by telling you that the protagonist of the entire restoration work is a wonderful floor in cotto and stone.

trattamento-pavimento-in-cotto cotto floor treatment

It is true, being tuscanian people, it is easy to be struck at the heart by the cotto tiles for such particular interiors, but we firmly believe that you too, once you have seen and known the qualities, you’ll fall in love with it.
In addition to being beautiful, in fact, cotto for interiors is a resistant and welcoming material that gives the rooms a unique warmth.

An exceptional welcome just like the one that can give us the floor made of tiles and cotto sestini of the villa. Classic, elegant and sophisticated, this floor needed an anti-humidity treatment,
the result, thanks to Marbec products, was professional and of high quality.

trattamento-pavimento-in-cotto cotto floor treatment

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How to treat interior cotto flooring?

Rising humidity is a usual problem that affects many floors.
The causes are among the most diverse, it may depend on poor waterproofing, on errors in the construction phase
or on the use of poor materials.
For this reason, when building or restoring a floor, we have to be very careful in this type of intervention to protect its integrity and beauty.
On the other hand there is no unassailable material, on all types of floors there is the risk of rising damp.
Indoor cotto is one of them, which is why it is essential to protect it with the proper treatment.

But let’s discover the interesting phases of the cotto floor treatment.

Terracotta floor treatment: phases

To counteract the rising damp was carried out on the entire floor, both on the cotto and on the stone,
the treatment for wet environments by Marbec.
It’s a complete cycle because, with its three phases of action, it ensures concrete protection for the pavement.

trattamento-pavimento-in-cotto cotto floor treatment

Phase 1 – First of all, the experts passed a coat of TIM over the surface: a protective impregnator which, thanks to the exceptional ability to penetrate into the porosity of absorbent stone materials, forms a water-repellent chemical barrier.
TIM, also excellent for DIY, avoids and counteracts the rising damp and drastically reduces the absorption of liquids.

trattamento-pavimento-in-cotto cotto floor treatment

Step 2 – Once dry, with the help of a soft cloth they applied PRIMAMANO NEUTRA: a product with a resin-wax emulsion suitable for the basic leveling treatment of cotto materials.
Suitable for all types of medium to high absorption stone materials such as stones, cotto, cement and mineral plasters, this protective product for interiors acts as an anti-dust protection and surface re-aggregator for friable materials.

trattamento-pavimento-in-cotto cotto floor treatment

Step 3 – To complete the cotto floor treatment and ensure adequate protection,
a thin layer of the low-filming, anti-dirt and anti-wear finisher for absorbent stone materials placed inside was applied: IDROFIN, which protects the underlying treatment of the material and its initial aesthetic characteristics over time.

trattamento-pavimento-in-cotto cotto floor treatment

Thanks to these three quick and easy steps our cotto floors will remain protected and shining for a long time to come!

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