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13 September 2019

The best work of July: recovery of a precious marble in a beautiful b&b in Florence

Can the beauty of marble, with time, be threatened by the appearance of stains and small corrosions? Here's how the professionals acted to recover it.

This month, the most beautiful work leads us to visit a truly magical place, a historic building characterized by a unique and incomparable charm: Boutique Hotel Residenza d’Epoca – B&B inpiazzadellasignoria, an ancient residence situated in one of the most charming and enchanting squares of our beautiful peninsula, Piazza della Signoria in Florence.

And the majestic rooms of the Residenza d’Epoca of the hotel are exactly the protagonists of the careful and demanding restoration we are going to talk about. This restoration has brought to light the beauty and uniqueness of coverings and floors in polychrome marble installed in the bathrooms.


The marble, before restoration, appeared stained and opaque, due to the aggression of acid substances.
This noble stone in fact, has unparalleled characteristics of solidity and durability, but it is also very fragile and delicate. For this reason, in order to maintain its luminosity and naturalness, it needs special care and attention.

come-pulire-marmo-macchiato clean stained marble

But let’s start with order and follow every phase of the work to understand how a team of professionals managed to clean stained marble obtaining excellent results.

The location: Residenza d’Epoca

If we were to define the Residenza d’Epoca in a few words, we would have no doubts about it,
a precious jewel set in the heart of Florence.
From its windows, in fact, you can admire and enjoy one of the most interesting sights of the city: Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, Loggia dei Lanzi, the Duomo Cathedral, Giotto’s Bell Tower, Florentine Abbey, Bargello Museum.
At the same time, entering its walls, surrounded by 15th and 18th century frescoes, one remains inebriated by sweet artistic notes and enveloped by elegance.

And it is precisely in this magical and timeless place that the talented artisans of the company DELTA APPLICAZIONI SPECIALI of Quarrata (PT), with great pride and great pleasure, intervened to recover and clean stained marbles of the luxury bathrooms of the residence.
Every phase, from that of restoration to that of protection, has been done with care of in every detail. Once the work was completed, the company, considering the prestige of these materials, provided precise and punctual indications to the cleaning staff on the procedures to be performed to maintain and preserve the beauty of marble.

How to clean marble from acid stains: all the phases of the intervention

Initially, before treating and degreasing marble artifacts of various kinds, the artisans carried out a thorough washing with UNIPUL: a concentrated detergent, with a very strong action, ideal for cleaning all hard surfaces such as cotto, stone, cement, wood, ceramic materials, metal, glass and synthetic surfaces.

come-pulire-marmo-macchiato clean stained marble

Once the entire surface is clean and dry, to restore the original aspect of the marbles
the areas most affected by acid aggression have been grouted and polished. To equalize the pre-existing sanding, the experts used the PAD PRELUX by Marbec, a multi-grain DIAMOND DISC, ideal for stone floors (marble, travertine, granite) in porcelain tiles, cement, grit and composite materials.

Thanks to the action of the diamond, which is impregnated directly into the support for a thickness of 3-4mm,
PRELUX allows to remove mattings, corrosions, light scratches from the surfaces, making the surface and the finishing degree uniform.

At this point the clean and perfectly polished marble needs to be protected.
Once cleaned and perfectly dry, GUARD a water-based protective anti-stain product, indicated for compact, low-absorbency stone, was applied to the entire surface.
GUARD creates a consistent breathable oil-repellent chemical barrier on compact, low-absorbency stone materials: marble, granite and polished cement-based agglomerates placed inside.

pavimento-graniglia clean stained marble

As a final step, in order to maintain the treatment, facilitate cleaning and avoid deposits of trampling dirt, the company decided to apply the LUXOR finish on the entire marble: anti-wear finisher for granites, marbles and grits. A product that does not create superficial film and saturates the microporosity of the material.

come-pulire-marmo-macchiato clean stained marble

Today, with enormous pride and particular emotion, we are pleased to present the result of this demanding recovering job of the various polychrome marbles wisely combined.

come-pulire-marmo-macchiato clean stained marble

At the end of the treatment, the marble looks pleasant, natural and protected. The wonderful bathrooms are ready to be admired and used by the customers of the Residenza d’Epoca B&B in Piazza della Signoria.

come-pulire-marmo-macchiato clean stained marble

Via Boschetti e Campano 105 51039 QUARRATA PT
cell: 330750381

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