The best work of the month

13 October 2020

A useful exterior wood treatment is the best job of the month

Is your exterior wood cracked and graying? Discover immediately an external wood treatment that will make it shine like new.

Remembering the distant summer, the best job of September brings our thoughts
to warm outdoor dinners with friends and makes us discover a wonderful outdoor wood treatment.

In fact, the protagonist of the intervention is a splendid wooden terrace located in a fantastic Roman villa,
precisely in Monteverde Vecchio.

The terrace is the ideal place to enjoy the sun and to welcome friends and family.
During the summer we never get tired of “living it”, right?
Dinners and parties are always on the agenda, but at the end of the season, remember to intervene
to recover our beautiful outdoor wooden floor.

Why is it essential to carry out an external wood treatment?

Wood has a great aesthetic appeal, it´s a bearer of warmth and comfort,
is able to transform our houses into welcoming and familiar places.

However, despite the technical qualities and unattainable aesthetic characteristics,
wood suffers from humidity and, above all, on the outside it suffers the consequences of atmospheric agents.
Deterioration leads to cracking, decay and discoloration in the wood.
With the passage of time this noble material inevitably deteriorates under the corrosive action of the wind,
of rain and sun. Not to mention the human factor.
How many times, perhaps after a dinner with friends, have we discovered wax,,
oil or fat stains on our beautiful wooden terrace?

Don´t worry, to recover the original beauty of wood, however, we can always intervene with ad hoc treatments. Let us always remember that wood requires careful and periodic maintenance that protects it so that it doesn´t suffer irreversible damage. Let’s not waste any time and find out together how to treat exterior wood.

External wood treatment: phases

The intervention that we have chosen as the most beautiful of the month presents us a very useful external wood treatment.
Through the scrupulous steps, it shows us how it is always possible to fully recover the beauty and the structure of this precious material.


First of all, the outdoor wooden floor has been “re-assembled” in order to rearrange the boards that had moved over time, coming out of the axis.


Once the structural intervention has been completed, in order to remove the patina of aging and that greyish color, the entire surface has been treated with SMACCHIO LEGNO: an external wood treatment to clean old surfaces and wooden artifacts such as floors, coatings, garden furniture, joinery , etc.

Stain remover for aged and tannin stained wood.

The product has been left on the surface for 30 minutes, after which it has been scrubbed with a brush and rinsed with plenty of clean water.


Once completely dry, two coats of FLUOIL have been applied on the surface: an oil-waxy anti-decay external wood treatment.

Oil-waxy anti-decay impregnating agent for external woods.

In order to customize the color of the wood, the primer has been mixed with a small percentage of pigment: OILTONER CASTAGNO.

Pigments in oil-soluble dispersion.

Specifically, the surface has been wet homogeneously, following the absorption of the wood.


After about 60 minutes, excess product has been removed from the surface by rubbing it with a microfibre cloth.
Once completely dry, the surface has been polished with a soft white disc.

Just look at the images to appreciate the incredible result of the external wood treatment!




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