3 April 2019

It’s time for spring cleaning: let’s organize it in the best way!

Clean house in a short time? Today we present useful tips and effective tricks to better organize spring cleaning!

If you think about “spring”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
The long walks under a warm sun or, the fateful spring cleaning?
If your answer is the second one don’t despair, you are in good company.
Thinking about cleaning when the summer starts, it is a common thing for those who, like us, love their home!
Having a neat and clean home all the time is not everyone’s dream?
A clean house, but in a short time, that’s why today we want to present you useful cleaning tips, which will allow you to make it shine deeply and why not, even quickly!

Useful tips to clean the house in the spring

Where do we start from for our spring cleaning? As with every achievement to do, the magic word to start off on the right foot, it’s organization!
Let’s begin by establishing a specific program; compiling a roadmap will help us assess the right timing and the appropriate modalities for our possibilities.
Our two basic tips for cleaning the house are:

  • starting from the inside and facing one room at a time, by taking breaks between one and the other;
  • choose the right home cleaning products.

Now we can start to list the actions to be done by zone, put on the gloves and go!

pulizie-di-primavera spring-cleaning

Roadmap: spring cleaning

  1. Before starting with the spring cleaning of the rooms, we try to do some reconnaissance throughout the house and order things out of place.
  2. As a general indication for every room we’re going to face, let’s remember to start from the top and then go down: we always dust walls, ceiling and shelves. Going down, our work will continue with the windows.
    The fixtures collect more dirt than you can imagine; smog and dust live between the cracks in our windows and cause incrustations which, if not quickly eliminated, tend to harden and ruin the entire structure. First of all, with the help of a broom, we eliminate the dust after which we pass warm, soapy water.
    For the wood frames, once perfectly dry, to nourish and revive the entire structure, we recommend using OLIO RAVVIVANTE: an oil-wax protector that eliminates the opacity due to the aging of the paint; to preserve this treatment over time we pass BARRIER: water-based anti-degradation and anti-dirt protective emulsion for finishing and preserving outdoor wood.
    If the fixtures are in PVC or aluminium our ally against dirt is undoubtedly DETER CLEAN: a product that quickly and deeply removes smog, dust, grease, algae and mold deposits.
  3. Immediately after the fixtures we can dedicate ourselves to glasses!
    Window cleaning is one of the least loved activities because it is very demanding and does not always lead to good results. Before starting with glass, let’s remember two things: first of all, remove the curtains and put them in the washing machine and, second one, choose a right time; we never begin to wash the windows when they are hit by direct sunlight, the heat would dry them immediately leaving annoying halos.
    In order not to waste strength and obtain brilliant glasses we also use VETRONET: a universal detergent that perfectly cleans the glass, dries quickly, does not need to be rinsed and does not leave annoying halos.
  4. Once the windows have been ordered and polished, we go down a little further and go to one of the most used rooms in our house and also the most subject to wear: the kitchen. Starting from the pantries, we empty out all the drawers one at a time, wipe them with a damp cloth, we eliminate all the useless objects and put the useful ones back in their place.
  5. Then, we close the furniture and go to the oven and stove.
    Cleaning the oven and stove is certainly not a pleasant activity, especially if they are particularly encrusted, if you do not use the right cleaning products then the effort will be threefold. Fortunately, Marbec comes to our rescue with professional household products that will greatly facilitate our spring cleaning!
    PULI FORNO: strong descaling product in gel, for the extraordinary cleaning of kitchen ovens and barbecues, but also kitchen tops, pots and pyrex dishes. So, use PULI FORNO pure spreading it on the surface with paper or a plastic fiber brush and let it act at least 20-30 minutes. Subsequently, the product is removed from the surface and rubbed with a kitchen sponge. Finally rinse.
    PULI FUMO: is a spray product ready to use that is really comfortable and easy to use. Extra strong degreaser that easily breaks down and removes carbon residues, greasy substances, soot from kitchen ovens, barbecues, glass panes, stoves, oven dishes and pots.
    For sinks, appliances, tops and steel kitchens we recommend CREAM INOX: a specific cream that cleans, degreases and polishes matted surfaces from use, bringing the material back to its original appearance.
  6. Particular attention must be paid to cleaning the floors, an operation that may seem obvious and therefore very simple, but in reality, it is not at all like that. To ensure that a floor is very well sanitized, it is necessary to know its characteristics perfectly.
    The floors are not all the same, on the contrary, for each material we must reserve very precise precautions. It is therefore very important to intervene on the floors with detergents suitable for the type of material.
    In this way you will be sure not to damage them and keep them as new even for a long time. Below we list some professional products for each type of floor:
  • to clean a porcelain tiles floor, we recommend a complete KIT made up of products designed to remove all types of dirt from even the most stubborn dirt.
    POWER DET: a specific descaling degreasing concentrated detergent to eliminate tough laying residues, marks and stains that are difficult to remove on porcelain tiles, clinker and glazed ceramic.
    GRES LINDO: detergent with very low content of surfactants based on inorganic salts that quickly and deeply removes all dirt, even the most stubborn.
    ANTISPORCO: an invisible water-based protective spray for porcelain tiles, ceramic, stone and polished agglomerate surfaces. It drastically reduces the adhesion of dirt, facilitating routine cleaning.
    WHITE BUFFER: useful for easily removing dirt from the microporosity of porcelain tiles.
    Moreover, we want to remind you the difference between a matt or a shiny porcelain floor tiles.
  • If the floor is made of cotto, to renew the surface and remove accumulations of domestic dirt we try UNIPUL, a truly exceptional universal detergent, that eliminates also the must stubborn domestic dirt. To complete the treatment, you cannot miss IDROFIN MATT: finisher that protects the underlying treatment of the material and its original aesthetic characteristics over time.
  • For splendid wooden floors we use PULIBRILL and WHITE BUFFER.
    PULIBRILL: a concentrated detergent suitable for extraordinary and non-aggressive ordinary cleaning of all wooden surfaces, painted or treated with oil and / or wax.
  • In addition to wood, another natural surface that needs special attention during the cleaning phase of the house is marble.
    Usually it is difficult to sanitize in depth this type of material especially for the choice of products; an unsuitable product in fact could not only not clean but even ruin its beauty forever.
    By using a wrong product, you risk ruining the entire surface and having to repair the stained marble.
    That’s why to make no mistake we indicate a strong and safe product: UNIPUL to use with WHITE BUFFER.

7. Meanwhile drying the floors, we can devote ourselves to another important step of spring cleaning: the cleaning of upholsteries or, better, all the tissues that furnish the house. For example, carpets, sofa covers, curtains etc. While for the curtains we can make a nice wash in the washing machine; to eliminate the annoying stains that appear punctually on the rest of the upholstery, the ideal product is PULI TEX: a stain remover detergent that quickly removes dirt and stains from the tissue of the home but also of our car.


At this point, after so much splendor … won’t you think you’ve already finished? From the inside we move outside the house … and we continue with our spring cleaning!

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