24 January 2019

Professional products for cleaning companies and professionals in the sector

In a professional environment, like at home, choosing the right cleaning products is fundamental, let's find out why!

Whether it’s the cleaning of offices, companies or extraordinary maintenance, the work carried out by cleaning companies to keep the environments beautiful and clean, but above all, to keep the characteristics of the surfaces intact over time, is really important!

Certainly for some types of work it is always good to rely on professionals who, thanks to the experience and the preparation, can guarantee excellent results without risking to ruin the materials, especially in cases where you have to do with stones, marbles, antique and prestigious cottos.

Another fundamental aspect for the success of every job is the cleaning company’s choice about the professional products to be used: in some cases they can be used, with the necessary precautions, even from individuals; but let’s know better these products and their characteristics.

Cleaning company: how to choose the best professional products?

For a cleaning company, the choice of the product to be used is fundamental for the success of the whole operation. Cleaning must be organized according to:

  • characteristics of the environment
  • initial conditions
  • type of materials to be treated.

From the experience and the deep technical knowledge, gained over the years in the chemical sector for the treatment of materials and surfaces, Marbec has created a range of products for professional cleaning. Ideal and functional detergents for a deep domestic and industrial cleaning. Over the years we have established solid and lasting relationships with cleaning companies and professionals, thanks to which we have been able to bring our cleaning products, not only on the whole national territory, but also abroad. Every month we dedicate an article of our blog to the story of the most interesting or beautiful works carried out by our partners in the section The best work of the month.

Professional products for ordinary cleaning

At home, the area most affected by dirt is definitely the floor. Spots and residues of all kinds, put a strain on the beauty and strength of these surfaces, that’s why Marbec has created two professional products to fight dirt and protect the floors.

  • UNIPUL: universal and multi-purpose detergent, suitable for deep cleansing all hard surfaces. Unipul, diluted in water, can also be used for the deep cleaning of glass and coatings (also in wood).
  • GRES LINDO: an ideal product for the cleaning and maintenance of porcelain tiles floors. Quickly and thoroughly remove all the dirt and keep the joints clean.

Products for cleaning company: post-construction – industrial

After renovating the house, to clean and remove all residues and to make the surfaces shine, it is advisable to intervene with an intense and concentrated action. A cleaning work so deep needs a planned inspection and the help of specific products, let’s discover together the most suitable for carrying out extraordinary cleaning:

  • POWER DET: concentrated descaling degreaser detergent specific to eliminate tough laying residues, halos and stains difficult to remove on porcelain tiles. It removes stains, halos, stubborn dirt and descales. It returns the material to its original appearance.
  • MICRONET: for deep cleaning and for removing stubborn dirt, even the most stubborn, from microporous stone materials, such as: porcelain tiles, ceramic, klinker, polished or shiny stones and agglomerates.
  • DELICACID: a descaling detergent for stone surfaces; it cleans and removes from the surfaces the construction dirt such as: cementitious and calcareous residues, efflorescences, dyes.

These are just some of our professional products for cleaning companies and professionals! Contact us without obligation to get more information

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