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17 December 2016

Prepare home for the holidays-part two

Ospiti in arrivo? Accoglili al meglio preparando la casa con i nostri prodotti per la pulizia

In the previous article getting the House ready for the holidays with Marbec, we gave you any suggestions on how to clean floors, leaks and remove stains with our products for household cleaning. In this post we will see how to clean the kitchen, the bathroom and upholstery, the easy way and without wasting too much time to best accommodate the guests who come to visit you during the Christmas holidays.

Cleaning the kitchen

During the holidays season tables are set and are cooked dishes of all kinds, but then who would think about clean everything? Let’s see then what are the best products to clean the oven, cooker and dishes quickly and easily! How to remove grease and residues? The product that we recommend in this case PULI OVEN, detergent degreasing strong gel for cookery ovens that removes even stubborn residues pi without leaving bad smell and also ideal for vertical wallsdue to its viscosity. If you are looking for the product pi for routine cleaning of the oven , we recommend you CLEAN SMOKE, strong degreaser for ovens and barbecue, for a routine cleaning and degreasing of kitchen ovens, but profound, barbecue, but also glasses of fireplaces and stoves. PULI SMOKE already ready for use, simply spray it on the surface to be cleaned, wait a few minutes, rub the surface with a Loofah or a nylon brush and rinse with warm water.

Cleaning the cooktop and surface washable

For routine cleaning of the kitchen floor and surfaces are metal, terracotta, stone, ceramics, stoneware, klinker, the product indicated PULI ECHOour eco-friendly universal degreasing detergent that does not contain solvents and allergenic and completely biodegradable. Apply PULI ECO easy: just spray the product onto the surface you want to clean, leave for a few instances and remove it with a damp cloth or sponge abravasiva.

Cleaning and polishing of metal surfaces.

Can happen that using metal utensils, you dull and lose and the initial tone. The best solution for STAINLESS STEEL CREAMPolish, polishing cream concentrate for stainless steel which cleans, degreases and shines dull/Matt surfaces from use. In this video we show how to make the best use of STAINLESS CREAM

We see instead how to Polish a JURA coffee machine and the excellent results that can be achieved:

If you need to clean and Polish objects in copper, bronze, silver or metals in General, METALUX the product for you. This cream Polish cleans, degreases and Polish metal surfaces without leaving streaks home use sanded and scratches and no breathing noxious fumes.

Bathroom cleanliness

The bathroom one of the rooms in the House to clean more frequently and carefully. VETRONETthe universal cleaner that cleans perfectly glazed, polished stones, ceramics and polished surfaces in General. Dries quickly without need to rinse and leaves the brilliant material and without streaks. To Remove limescale from taps by doctors and suggested instead SANI KALthe limescale cleaner for bathrooms and sanitary fittingsthat cleanses and descaling action surfaces, removing calcium deposits, urine, soap scum and rust stains, leaving the surfaces shiny and bright. Once SANI KAL, recommended to pass a protective surfaces likeSHOWER BRILLthe product that forms an invisible protective film prevents the deposition of lime scale and SOAP residues, leaving the material more clean and brilliant.

Cleaning sofas and rugs

In carpets and grime can settle with ease, for this important clean them carefully, but often can be complicated!PULI TEX Marbec solution to break it upand remove dirt and stains from fabrics to carpets, sofas, car upholstery and carpet in a simple and efficient way!

If you have any questions about cleaning the House or you need some advice, leave us a comment! We will be happy to help you!

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