2 August 2018

How to prepare the house before leaving for the holidays: the 15 indispensable things

Close to departure? Here is our check list to leave the perfect home!

August has arrived and finally the holidays are approaching. We know, even before preparing the suitcases, us “perfect lovers of the house”, we like to prepare, order, clean our dear home to leave it, but above all, to find it clean and welcoming as always.

To ensure you this pleasant feeling, today we have prepared a useful reminder: a list of simple and practical advice that will help you to prepare and to close the home in the right way, before leaving for the holidays.

Before starting, it is advisable to divide things to do into two large groups:

  • things to prepare a few days before departure;
  • things to do on the day of departure.

But let’s go in order and let’s discover the first checklist together:

Before starting, remember at least a week or ten days before departure, to organize and regularly schedule things to do; not finding yourself doing them all on the same day, will be much less demanding and tiring.

  1. Check the pantry and the fridge: the first thing to do is to check and consume the expiring products, in order to avoid that they go bad. To avoid that the house is filled with bad smells, it would be very opportune, before leaving for the holidays, to defrost and degrease the refrigerator: for an excellent cleaning and sterilization of the surfaces we advise you to use PULI ECO, an ecological detergent that cleans, degreases and sanitizes all metal surfaces, ideal for the refrigerator because it does not contain solvents and allergens.

  2. Doing laundry: catch up with the washing machines will be very useful, because when you return you will have to unpack the suitcases and start again with the wash cycle.
  3. To sanitize floors and carpets: floors and carpets are certainly the areas of the house where dust will easily be stored, treating them with specific products will help protect them and limit this annoying phenomenon. An exceptional product for floors cleaning and care is definitely UNIPUL: concentrated detergent with a strong action, which acting in depth, remove the most stubborn dirt. For carpets and upholstery in general, we recommend a delicate and at the same time concentrated product: PULI TEX. A stain remover detergent for carpets and sofas that quickly removes dirt and stains from upholstery fabrics such as carpets, sofas, car upholstery and moquette.
  4. Check the deadlines of bills: to avoid annoyances and bad surprises on the return of holidays, make sure that there are no upcoming deadlines, always better to settle everything before leaving.
  5. Leave a copy of keys to a trusted person: leaving a spare key to a trusted person will make you start more serene, knowing you can count on someone for any need or urgency.
  6. Cleaning the kitchen: the kitchen is the part of the house that requires more attention before a departure, to avoid fouling, dirt and especially bad smells when returning, we advise you to clean it thoroughly and entirely: the floors, the stove, the hood and the oven. To eliminate all traces of food, even the smallest and most stubborn, the very useful Marbec products come to help you:  ○ CREAM INOX: a product that cleans, degreases and polishes matted or damaged (by use) surfaces in stainless steel and aluminum. ○ PULI FORNO: a strong degreasing gel detergent, it is excellent for a deep cleaning of the oven. Thanks to its gel form, it is easily applicable even on vertical surfaces, such as the insidious internal walls. ○ SHOWER BRILL a detergent able to eliminate the limestone, suitable for cleaning, protecting and eliminating those annoying patches that are created on surfaces frequently wetted by water. (Valves, stoves). This product can also clean and remove limestone without the need for rinsing, leaving the surfaces shiny longer.
  7. Take care of the plants: remember that plants need water every day, especially in summer, so before leaving you could rely on motor sprinkler, alternatively you can try gel water or a do-it-yourself solution, for example you could build with a bottle a sprinkler.

    Second checklist:

    When planning the departure time of the trip, remember to consider on the timetable, the time needed to do the things to prepare on the day of departure.

  8. Close the gas: before leaving, make sure you have closed the gas tap, in the event of a leak the risks involved are very high, better to be cautious.
  9. Close the central water tap: to prevent that a leak can create a flooding. In the cold season it is better to leave it open, because of the risk that the pipes will freeze.
  10. Cleaning the bathroom: just before leaving, it is necessary to clean the bathroom in depth. In fact, it is very important to leave the bathroom clean and dry in order to avoid stagnant water that could lead to the formation of bad smells and molds. SANI-KAL is ideal for a deep cleaning of the bathroom, a product that cleanses and de-scales the surfaces, eliminating deposits of strong limestone, urine, soap residues and rust stains and leaving the surfaces shiny and polished.

  11. Throw the trash: it is very important not to forget the trash to throw, the surprises at your return could be very bad.
  12. Disconnect all plugs: go around the entire house and disconnect all cables connected to electricity and the television antenna: this way you will avoid any damage in the event of a storm. In particular, remember to disconnect your PC, modem, TV and small appliances.
  13. Check that all doors and windows in the house are closed.
  14. Turn off all the lights at home: to avoid unnecessary and wasteful waste, it is essential not to forget any light on.
  15. Enter the alarm: the alarm is very important to ensure greater protection and security to your home.

Happy holiday!   Do you need any advice or suggestions for the care of your home and your surfaces?   Contact us, our experts are at your disposal!

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