19 October 2018

How to polish the marble?

Is your marble opaque? Follow our advice to bring it back to the original shine

Your marble has become opaque? Has it lost its original shine? Do not worry, today we show you how to polish marble easily, quickly and using the right products.

Marble is certainly one of the most elegant and appealing materials that exist in nature; a living stone, full of charm and history, which has always been used to cover and furnish houses and buildings. If on the one hand, however, this material makes the rooms unique and unquestionably wonderful, on the other the marble surfaces are very delicate and need special care.

Matting polished marble

Marble being a porous material is particularly subject to wear and opacity, one of the most common problems of polished marble, in fact, is the loss of gloss. When this stone is exposed to atmospheric agents for a long time or when it comes into contact with abrasive substances, it inevitably begins to wear off. The surface erodes on a microscopic level and loses all its shine. The result is an opaque appearance that has nothing to do with the prestigious effect of polished marble.

  • External marble: external marble is certainly more exposed and vulnerable to this type of problem. Atmospheric agents and smog make the surface of the marble rough and irregular, causing a decrease in the reflection of light. The result is an opaque marble that loses all its shine. Moreover, these aggressive agents penetrating into the pores of the marble can cause indelible and perennial stains on the entire surface.
  • Internal marble: whether the marble is in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the room, coming into contact with abrasive substances that are normally and daily used in every home, such as: coffee, wine, fruit, detergents and even water if very calcareous and if left to evaporate, marble risks to perpetually ruin. Fortunately, to polish the marble and bring it back to its original splendor, we can use the Marbec products. Let’s find out together the steps of the marble polishing treatment.

Specific treatment to polish marble

Thanks to the professional products of the Marbec line, it is possible to easily carry out an impregnating and polishing treatment on the marble, which thanks to the polishing finish will restore shine, protecting the surface for years from attacks of aggressive substances. But let’s see in detail the tools and the products we need to polish marble effectively.

Products to use

Here’s what you need to polish the opaque marble:

  • KW-STAR: crystallizing powder for marble and grits. The KW-STAR product is a specific powder for the polishing of marble in general and for cement-based agglomerates (eg grits, floor tiles, Palladian). KW-STAR is very effective for polishing marble surfaces in general as micro-abrasives are present in the product. If they are slightly wet and applied with suitable machinery, they can give to the wet powder an adequate mechanical strength to polish the marble.
  • KW-P: powder product for wet crystallization of marble and travertine floors. KW-P gives shine to the surface without creating films. It maintains the natural appearance of marble, making surfaces not very permeable to water and dirt, facilitating cleaning.

To bring our matted marble back to its original brilliance, it is necessary to use these products with the help of the monobrush and white disc or with a drill equipped with a pad with wool cap (on small surfaces, such as tops, table tops, etc.). On strongly corroded surfaces it is advisable to sand the material with 400 and 800 grain sandpaper beforehand. The products can be purchased on Amazon or eBay. Since it is a fairly demanding intervention, we are ready and available to answer all your questions and doubts and we invite you to contact us at the following address:

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