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15 February 2019

How to choose the right coating for the home: porcelain tiles with wood effect or parquet?

Choosing the type of material for the floor of your home or business is an important decision! Many factors come into play, such as maintenance and resistance. So, understanding which solution best suits your needs becomes a priority in choice.

Porcelain tile with a wood effect or parquet? Marble or melamine? This is the real question! How to decide the best coating for your home without making a mistake? To help you in this difficult but pleasant task, today we want to talk to you about the characteristics and the differences between wood and porcelain tiles with wood effect, by comparing them, to discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Deciding which coating to choose for your own floors at home is a difficult, demanding, but also a very fascinating choice. This moment certainly requires a lot of attention and even more awareness, simply because the flooring chosen will be part of our lives for a long time. The commercial proposal of recent times is vast and offers us multiple solutions suitable for every type of taste. Materials and finishes that give the environment different characteristics and styles, which must then necessarily find harmony with specific functional factors. When we are in front of which flooring to choose, technical, functional and aesthetic factors come into play. We must take into account the style we want to give to the environments, but also to the intended use and, not least, the functionality and practicality of the materials. If you love an elegant and refined environment, no material will be suitable as marble and if you like rustic and contemporary style, cotto is the stone for you; at the same time if your desire is to give the environment a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, then there is no doubt that the favorite material is wood, or why not, a wood-effect porcelain tiles!

Do you love wood? Have you ever thought of a solution that combines practicality and elegance like the Gres with parquet effect?

Wood effect gres is one of the most used materials in modern building, in a few years has become more and more popular. It’s chosen to cover floors, both internal and external walls, from the kitchen to the bathroom, in small rooms or in large spaces, it is ideal for the whole house.

How to choose between wood and gres with a wood effect?

To understand whether it is better to choose for your home, a parquet or a wood-effect porcelain tiles, it is advisable to know the characteristics and the qualities of both. Let’s find out together.

Wood effect porcelain tiles: features

Porcelain tile is a particular hard compact, colored, non-porous ceramic. This material is perfect for modern homes and for those who love an innovative style but at the same time comfortable and traditional. The gres is made up of two main elements, the support and the enamelled part that combine two fundamental and distinctive qualities. The first serves to give it resistance and the second instead, guarantees its aesthetic value. The gres with wood effect is in fact a very resistant material, able to counterbalance the action of chemical and atmospheric agents. Specifically, one of the main qualities of this stone is the low porosity, ie this material is identified by very low values ​​of water absorption. The high degree of bending strength also derives from this characteristic. Among the most significant characteristics of wood porcelain tile we also find the very high resistance to abrasion, ie the resistance that the flooring opposes to stresses and movements of surfaces or materials in contact with it. Without doubt, solidity is one of the biggest advantages of ceramic floors. So, if on one hand the porcelaint tiles with wood effect floor, once installed, gives the surface a unique resemblance to the wooden parquet on the other is a material much more solid and durable than the traditional material. We can summarize the advantages of the gres with wood effect:

  • Technical and aesthetic functionality
  • Wear resistance
  • Resistance to impact and external stress
  • Resistance to chemical attacks
  • Low water absorption values
  • Resistance to stains

At this point we must not forget and underestimate the practicality, ease of maintenance and cleaning of gres. In fact, to ensure a perfect seal over time and excellent aesthetic qualities, this material does not require extraordinary and particularly demanding measures. To keep a wood-effect porcelain tiles floor clean daily, we advise you to carry out a daily cleaning using a soft WHITE BUFFER and a concentrated detergent, specific for the ordinary cleaning of porcelain tiles surfaces: GRES LINDO, a professional product that removes the most stubborn dirt, bringing the material back to its original color. In addition, to keep dirt away and to protect surfaces from daily stains, we recommend an excellent invisible water based protection that is very suitable for surfaces in porcelain tiles, ceramics, polished stones and agglomerates: ANTISPORCO. After laying, instead, to eliminate the residual dirt from the construction site, we advise you to perform a deep cleaning using a concentrated descaling detergent POWER DET so as to dissolve and completely remove all the residues of resistant dirt.


gres-effetto-legno The parquet is a warm and natural flooring that guarantees a comfortable effect suitable for rustic environments as well as modern furnishings. There is certainly no such warm material that can make the rooms familiar and welcoming like wood. This natural material is also a great insulator against cold and noise. However, parquet also offers disadvantages; being a very delicate material it is in fact subject to:

  • Scratch easily
  • Absorb moisture
  • Deteriorate over time
  • At a high risk of mold and infiltration in the lower layer

Compared to a ceramic floor, the wood needs more attention and accuracy, but do not worry because to face these types of accidents there are our professional products. Specific products that will help you maintain the beauty and uniqueness of this exceptional material over time. For ordinary cleaning, after removing the dust with an electric broom or with the aid of a slightly dampened cloth, we suggest you pass a coat of PULIBRILL. A concentrated detergent with a neutral pH specific to clean the varnished wood floors, treated with oil and / or wax; cleans and sanitizes without attacking the wood essence and the finish of the material. Finally, to nourish and keep your parquet young and beautiful over time we recommend:

Do you have any doubt or curiosity about the treatment of the gres with wood effect and parquet surfaces? Do not hesitate to contact us ????

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