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3 March 2016

Beginners Guide to household cleaning products

Qualche consiglio per scegliere il giusto prodotto per ogni ambiente della casa

Shevet, it would be nice to have someone clean for us, but almost always we are obliged to take care personally of housecleaning. Those who found in this situation knows: clean is not easy as it might seem. Need as much elbow grease and the right house cleaning products. But at this point that things get complicated: the products on the market are numerous, there are famous brands and trademarks not so famous. But a product of Fame don’t always match quality products in order to achieve our goal find the best product to clean the House. In this article we present a plain Guide to the choice of house cleaning products, designed for those who have gone to live alone.

Spring, come on. It’s time to clean

The new season is approaching and this a good time to think about the cleaning lady. We can think of to choose a generic product, but we may not get the desired results. Every room of the House intended for different activities and this can present different types of dirt. The dirt that is in the kitchen, for example, entirely different from what you can find in the bathroom. Also, not all rooms are cleaned with the same frequency. While, for example, the kitchen is cleaned daily, the Salon has long cleaning intervals pi between sessions. For these reasons we decided to divide the House according to typical pi environments:

  • the kitchen: the environment is cleaned more frequently. Features metal surfaces. The blubber typical dirt
  • .

  • the bathroom typically is cleaned twice a week. Presents ceramic surfaces. Bacteria are the danger to be deleted in this environment
  • .

  • the Salon: the environment is cleaned less frequently. Has absorbing surfaces. The dust the dirt most likely.

Ready? Let’s get started

Kitchen cleaning products

The kitchen an environment that is used daily. It is used for cooking or as a stay, should be cleaned frequently, even three times a day. The main challenge of cooking is toremove residues of grease produced during food preparation. However it may be necessary to Remove calcium stains that make opaque the sink, and, in severe cases, hinder the water flow pi. Finally, if you have the metal kitchen, it would be advisable to use a specific product for stainless steel. Products for household cleaning to eliminate grease stains are the cleaners degreasers. Frying, oil, tomato sauce, and things like that do not go away with the water. Try to eliminate any residual grease with a wet towel: you will get just by spreading it all over the surface. No, our goal to remove grease stains with a suitable product. In fact, fat does not bind in any way with water. A good degreaser reverses this phenomenon and in fact allows the water to trap the fat molecules and carry them away. To remove lime stains there are various remedies. To descale our grandmothers used the vinegar! Vinegar contains acetic acid, an acid capable of breaking down the molecules formed from calcium, oxygen and carbon at the base of the limestone. However the vinegar ineffective. For lime scale deposits pi resistant use a specific descaler. Try, not going to do more for less! After degreased and cleaned, could remain unpleasant halos steel surfaces of your kitchen. To correct this problem you can use a product for polishing stainless steel.

Bathroom cleaning products

Clean the bathroom a delicate matter. Because of the sensitive activities that take place there, good use of specifi c products for sanitary cleaning. A good product, as well as performing an action and degreaser, descaler disinfect surfaces, removing mildew, soap scum and organic compounds. To complete the cleaning operation should use a descaling agent capable of polishing the health, eliminate SOAP residue and remove the dull glow from ceramics.

Salon cleaning products

The cleanliness of the Salon usually takes place once a week. In that environment, the Salon is less used, in comparison to other environments. Very often, also, the Salon paved with fine materials such as brick or porcelain stoneware. It is porous, it absorbs dirt and not let it go away. If after a dinner with your friends you have spilled a glass of wine, and looking for a house cleaner to clean the floors, choose a floor stain remover pads: remove the stain and protect the floor. Is there a clever way to prevent such tragedies: the terracotta treatment. The treatments of brickwork are made a few times a year, creating a protective patina that closes the pores of terracotta and makes it impervious to stains. In this way the cooked your salon does not macchier and will be easy to clean!

To conclude

We completed this short guide to household cleaning products. Now it’s up to you: tell us about your experiences in the comments. Or if you have a question make it pure, maybe we will write an appropriate guide. Good housekeeping!

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