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9 September 2016

Remove grease stains from the floor [with video-tutorial]

I lubrificanti sul pavimento sono un guaio. In questo articolo ti spieghiamo come smacchiare un pavimento macchiato da lubrificante

An engine oil lubricant and belongs to the category of synthetic fats. These are substances which have the same property of natural fats, but derived from oil or other minerals. Like all fats, even synthetic fats are difficult to remove. This type of stains often found in places of rest of the machines as the terracotta of the gardens or the concrete floors of the garage. If your floor has some bad engine oil stains, this guide is for you. We’ll explain How to degrease the floor from motor oil.

Lubricating oil, a nightmare for the floors

Synthetic fats are present everywhere in our lives. Wherever there are moving parts, necessary to lubricate to prevent jams. However, when these substances come out from their usual location, are suffering. Synthetic fats are among the substances more difficult to remove. Common products generally do not work, especially if the fats they penetrate into the pores of the floor. How to do in this case?

In this article we explain step by step how to remove oil stains from floors

The steps you can take to remove engine oil stains from the floor

For degreasing the floor from the lubricant must use products and tools. These are the tools that you will need to provide:

  • A stain remover for stone floors and walls.
  • A spatula or a wooden board to spread the product and remove it
  • A plastic sheet with which cover the applied product
  • A neutral detergent to clean up debris left by product
  • A sponge to spread out the deterente and clean

Now, step by step, see how to remove oil stains from the floor This method is valid to remove stains of lubricant, grease, wax, oil, silicone from all types of flooring such as concrete, ceramics, stoneware, klinker. Here is what to do to Remove stains of grease or engine oil from the floor.

1. apply the stain remover

The first step work the stain. You’ll have to get a stain remover specifically for synthetic grease stains like motor oil. Solvosil the degreaser for floors that suits you best. Solvosil mixture composed of surfactants and special porous powder and specially designed to remove this type of stains. If you use Solvosil or a similar product in paste, you-‘ll have to spread it on the stain to remove. Using a spatula or a wooden board, create a layer with a thickness of 3-5 mm on the stain of lubricant to be removed. Do this all cover with plastic wrap. In this way you will increase the efficacy of the product for slow evaporation of active ingredient. Now, you will have to wait for the product to dry completely. Considers that no film will take about ten minutes, no film up to two hours. PI long does product, more effective in scouring the stains of lubricant from the floor.

2. Remove floor stain remover

When the stain remover for flooring you will be completely dry you remove it with a spatula. At this point the product you will be reduced to a grey powder and you can delete it very easily. Once you have removed the heavy, it will be time to eliminate the last remnants of product and wipe the surface. To do this will serve you a cleaner, as you will see in the next step.

3. Use a neutral detergent, to finish removing the lubricant from the floor

liminate any residual product from the floor very easy. You’ll need to use a detergent. On floors typically better to use neutral detergents. Harsh cleaners can ruin the floors. A neutral detergent for stone materials like Unipul what suits you. For there need a degreasing action, you can use the product very diluted. Soak a sponge and place the tape on the surface will not completely clean surface. finch

A solution for floors and for all synthetic grease stains

The process that we showed not only useful to remove stains of lubricant, but can also be used for other cleaning types:

  • Remove wax stains from terracotta
  • Remove silicone stains from the floor
  • Eliminate oil residues or other oily substances

With this procedure you can remove stains from any type of stone.

Video-tutorial on how to remove grease stains from terracotta

Now we learn how to clean the floor. You can make a video tutorial to see how to proceed:

The products used

To remove stains from the floor by the lubricant we used the following products:

  • Solvosil: synthetic grease stain remover
  • Unipul: universal detergent neutral

Questions? Comments?

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