7 March 2019

10 useful tips to protect and clean wooden floors

How to keep wooden floors in excellent condition?
Discover useful tips and tricks to clean, protect and make the wood in your home shine.

Today we present you useful tips to protect, clean and maintain wooden floors in excellent condition.

Only those who have a wooden floor at home can really appreciate its beauty, elegance and uniqueness but, at the same time, need to know perfectly the care and attention that this type of material requires to maintain its pleasantness in the time.


In fact, the wooden floors are very delicate surfaces that require daily precautions and precise maintenance techniques to be respected.
To help you conserve the structure and to prevent your parquet floor from being damaged easily, we want to offer you a real guide; tips and rules that will show you what you can do and what you should avoid on wooden floors.
Starting from the theme of protection, we will pass to the cleaning and then come to describe interesting suggestions to perform a perfect extraordinary maintenance.

Advice to protect the parquet

The parquet flooring is one of the most requested and loved flooring ever, but to preserve its exceptional beauty, you must follow some precise guidelines. Let’s find out with order what they are:

  1. Avoid thermal changes: when we heat our home, we try to do it gradually. An overly humid climate could ruin the parquet floors by dilating the boards, at the same time a dry climate could cause micro-fractures.
  2. Maintaining proper ventilation: the recycling of air, balanced with the right humidity, will help us to keep the floor always in good condition.
  3. Attention to water: water is the enemy of wooden floors, we must be very careful because if we left it on the surface can cause swelling and the dilation of the boards. If liquid is spilled on the parquet, dry it immediately.
  4. Limiting excessive weights: placing felt pads under furniture or heavy objects, these will prevent the weight from deforming the wood.
  5. Wear slippers: before going into the house it is a good idea to take off your shoes. All dirt accumulated under the sole can ruin the surface of the wooden floor. In front of the door, it is always better to put a doormat in order to eliminate all the abrasive residues that remain under the shoes.
  6. Place carpets: to protect the parquet and avoid patchy wear, we recommend placing carpets in areas most exposed to foot traffic.

For those who want to obtain a deep protection of the wood, we recommend a specific treatment to be carried out with two new products of Marbec line, easy and practical to use, ensuring the surface a natural effect and an excellent result.
The first product is OLIO ZERO: an impregnating oil based on oils, resins, waxes. An ecological product that gives the surface a non-yellowing, anti-slip finish, resistant to stains and dirt.
To complete the oil impregnation protective treatment, we advise you to pass on the surface BIOTOP OPACO: an opaque anti-dirt, anti-wear finish for wood. A specific product that does not alter the appearance of the material and facilitates the cleaning of wooden floors.




Advice to clean the parquet

Turning to cleaning, one of the fundamental habits to preserve the original beauty of wood is certainly to wash the surfaces every 2-3 days with the help of the right products.

Here are some useful suggestions.

  1. Frequently use the vacuum cleaner: the vacuum cleaner is the only means to remove dirt and fine debris from both the surface and the slots of a wooden floor. Residues that, if walked on, would leave irreversible signs on the wood.
  2. Avoid too wet cloths: as mentioned above, water is the enemy of wood so, to clean the parquet, we use a well wrung out cloth mixing a specific product for the parquet with water.
  3. Always use specific products for wood: to clean the parquet without damaging it, it’s essential to use specific and professional products, just like PULIBRILL: a concentrated detergent for extraordinary and ordinary non-aggressive cleaning of all wooden surfaces, painted or treated with oil and / or wax. This particular product cleans and sanitizes the wooden surface, without attacking the wood essence and the finish of the material.
  4. Always dry the surface: once the washing is finished, do not forget to pass a dry rag on the wood, always in the direction of the veins so as to dry and polish the floor evenly.




Remember that, to maintain light and nourish your wood, it is also advisable to periodically carry out extraordinary maintenance.

Once a month, we advise you to pass a protective and nutritive wax for wood, BIOCARE OPACO. A wax suitable for all wooden surfaces that preserves and protects over time the protective and aesthetic characteristics of the initial finish.


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