3 May 2021

Nicola advises: are you taking care of your parquet in the right way?

Do you need a proper parquet maintenance? Follow my tips to always keep it perfect!

Do you need a proper parquet maintenance? Follow my tips to always keep it perfect!

Good afternoon, last month we saw how to clean encrustations from a Tuscan cotto effect porcelain tiles. Many people have written us to ask for some advice on parquet maintenance, very good!

I’ll tell you about my direct experience and what I have learned about the best methods to keep the parquet beautiful and clean over the years.

By the way, if you are interested in a particular topic write to contatti@marbec.it and share your request with us. This appointment, with me and with Marbec, is an opportunity to explore and learn together about many and interesting methods of cleaning and recovery.

Home has increasingly become a central place in our both private and, in many cases, professional life: today, more than ever, the cleaning of surfaces is necessary to make that place, where we spend many hours of our day, welcoming.

So, let’s see how to do a correct maintenance of the parquet.

Tips for cleaning and proper maintenance of the parquet

Here we are.

This time it was Maria Cristina who wrote to me, a lady whose parquet floor is well kept and does not need to be restored, but it needs maintenance. Parquet is a flooring made of solid wood, a “living” material that is affected by seasonal changes in humidity inside homes or poor maintenance; situations that can cause significant damage.

The maintenance and use of quality liquids for its washing are therefore necessary actions to prevent unpleasant consequences.


First of all, I advised the lady to do an extraordinary cleaning with PULIBRILL: a specific detergent for ordinary and extraordinary, non-aggressive cleaning of all wooden surfaces, painted or treated with oil and / or wax.

This product maintains the brilliance of the initial treatment over time and for the cleaning phase 100-200 cc must be diluted in 1lt of water.

At this point I suggested to the lady the use of a WHITE BUFFER, without abrasives, suitable for cleaning and polishing the surfaces, to remove the dirt that is more anchored in the wood fibers.

For the final phase, instead, a coat of BEAUTY FLOOR, self-polishing wax for ordinary maintenance. The product is specific for all painted wooden surfaces. Furthermore, it protects, revives and preserves the surface and the initial treatment over time.

At the end of these steps we will be able to enjoy this splendid result.

Parquet cleaning results using Marbec products


And for the maintenance of the parquet?

Marbec products for the correct maintenance of the parquet to be used are the usual ones. you have to routinely clean with PULIBRILL, diluting 10-15 cc in 1lt of water and apply a coat of BEAUTY FLOOR every 6/12 months depending on the walking area.

BEAUTY FLOOR creates a waxy micro-layer that protects the base finish / varnish / base treatment.

Thanks to the use of this product, surface sanding is avoided and the painting doesn’t wear out, making the parquet look old and gray.

Even for this time I have finished, I hope that my tips have been useful to you and I invite you to share them with those who need them.

See you next month!


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