On all types of floors and coverings in cement agglomerate (ex. grits, cementine, betonelle, palladians, …).


To give tone to the surface at “wet effect” and exalt the characteristics of the colour and/or veinings, without changing the natural look of the material.


The necessary quantity of ULTRATON (one or two coats) depends on the absorption of the material. Always apply IDROFIN in small doses always respecting the indicate consumptions. After the dry of IDROFIN sit is suggested to polish the surface with a soft cloth or monobrush with a disc in medium-soft plastic fibers.

OIL-WET forms a permanent and not reversible protection on the material So it is suggested to make preliminar tests on out of work material before making the treatment of the material.

It is suggested to read TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products.


– Intense tonalisation without changong the natural look of the material.

-It does not become yellow in time.

– It does not form thick films; it does not create “vetrified” looks on the material.



– 1lt/5-12 sqm


– 1 lt/ 8-20 sqm

TON 25:

– 1lt/6-15 sqm


– 1lt/30-40 sqm


– 1lt/10-20 sqm

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