On floors, walls and stone surfaces placed inside and outside. It is recommended above all on stone, marble and low absorption granite.


To carry out a stain-resistant, anti-rising damp, long-lasting anti-degradation treatment. It does not alter the natural appearance of the material.


✔ can be applied on both indoor and outdoor surfaces;

✔ avoids and counteracts the rise of humidity (and consequently the formation of saline efflorescence, crusts, patinas, algae, etc.);

✔ drastically reduces the absorption of water in the material (e.g. rain, water-soluble substances, cement grouts, etc.);

✔ eliminates or drastically reduces the absorption capacity of the material to greasy substances, colored in general;

✔ facilitates the cleaning of the absorbent material from dirt and stains on the outdoor surfaces;

✔ has high chemical inertia and resistance to atmospheric agents and foot traffic;

✔ does not create films on the surface and does not alter the appearance of the material;

✔ maintains the original permeability to water vapor, breathable;

✔ it is easy to clean and maintain at home.


Apply ACTIV3 on clean and dry surfaces, evenly wetting the surface with a brush, microfibre cloth, soft cloth until the material is saturated.

After about 10 minutes, remove the ACTIV3 product not absorbed by the material with a soft cloth.

Allow the material to dry for 12-24 hours and prevent the surface from getting wet.

On rough stones or worked surfaces

On rough stones or worked surfaces (scarpellinato, bucciardato, flamed, etc.), to facilitate routine cleaning and ordinary maintenance and to prevent that trampling dust and dirt stick to the microporosity of the material, we recommend applying a coat of anti-wear anti-dirt product, with wax spreader or soft cloth, wetting the surface uniformly.
Here are the recommended products:



POLIFIN super glossy

On smooth or polished indoor stones with low absorbency

On smooth or polished indoor stones with low absorbency such as marble, granite, the LUXOR product is recommended as an anti-wear, anti-dirt finisher. This, since it is a product with high absorption and saturation capacity, even of low absorption materials. It does not change the appearance of the material, but makes the surface easier to manage in ordinary cleaning.
LUXOR can be applied with a soft cloth and dry polished with a WHITE BUFFER or with a polisher.

On outdoor surfaces

On outdoor surfaces, the application of ACTIV3 is enough.



• on marble, granite and other poorly absorbent materials 1lt/15 – 30 m2;

• on medium absorbent stone 1lt/8 – 15 m2.


• on materials with rough surfaces 1 l / 10-18 m2;

• on materials with glossy surfaces 1 lt / 20-30 m2.


• on marble, granite 1 lt /> 40 m2;

• on smooth compact stones 1 lt / 30-40 m2.

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