On all types of floors in wood placed outside.


To protect the wood from the degradation caused by atmospheric agents. Particularly indicated for footage surfaces.


Apply OLIO41 with fleece wax applicator, paint brush or mop wetting the surface homogeneously without leaving excesses. After 30-60 minutes pad the excess homogenizing the absorption with soft cloth o passing again the usrfacce with soft paint brush. Polish the surface with brosses or soft cloth after the drying (12-24 hours).

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– It does not form superficial resinous films.

– Transparent not covering pigmented effect.

– Possibility of rigeneration of the treatment without the necessity of sandpapering.



– 1 lt/6-8 sqm


– on absorbent or at rough finishing woods 1 lt/8-10 sqm

– on few absorbent and oily woods (Teak, Iroko) 1 lt/15-20 sqm


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