On all types of floors, coverings and furnitures in wood, in inside. Particularly indicated on naturally “oily” essences (ex. Teak, Iroko, Aformosia) or very compact (ex. Ipé, Olivo, Sucupira) and on woods sensible to water (ex. Oak, Chestnut).


For the oily-wax impregnating treatment with toning effect of wooden essences and where particular transparent pigmentations of wood are required.


On particularly compact and few absorbent essences (ex. Ipé, Olivo), it can be enough the application of only one coat of mixture 1:2 of TIROIL / DILUOIL. On brushed and/or absorbent woods it can be useful to add 1 part of the wax CAREZZA PLUS every 5 parts of TIROIL.

Choice of the finishing:

– on surfaces with a lot of traffic (ex. shops, offices) where it is necessary a frequent periodical maintenance, it is suggested the use of the finisher LIGNOLUX.

– on surfaces with a normal traffic and where it is requested the maximum resistance to water, to spots and the maximum facility of maintenance (house, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) it is suggested the use of the finisher BIOTOP.

The complete consolidation of the treatment is obtained over a period of a week.

It is always recommended to read TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products.


– It doesn’t form superficial resinous films.

– It maintains the “naturalness” of the wooden surface.

– Treatment of easy maintenance and renewable in time.

– Excellent resistance to water and to stains.

– Easy regenerable treatment without the necessity of sandpapering.



– System 1A 1 lt/12-15 sqm

– System 1B 1 lt/20-50 sqm


– System 1B 1 lt/ 20-50 sqm


– 1 lt/ 20-30 sqm


– 1 lt/ 15-30 sqm


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