On all typer of floors and coverings in italian slate (lavagna) and on marbles, granites of black colour placed inside.


For the recovery of the original colour of stones in black colour, burned and/or whitened by acid substances, usury or degradation caused by atmospheric agents.


Apply LUXOR always in small doses and rispect the indicated consuption. After the drying of LUXOR it is suggested to polish the surface with soft cloth or monobrush with disc in medium-soft plastic fiber. To correct the whitening on the slate caused by washings with acid detergents, it is suggested the application of the protective BRIGHTSTONE NERO to give to the material a darker and more uniform colour.

On outside surfaces apply only BRIGHSTONE NERO

It is suggested to read TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products.



– Intense tonalisation without changing the natural look of the material.

– It does not becoma yellow in time.

– It does nt form thick films; it does not create “vetrified”looks on the material.



– 1lt/15-20 sqm


– 1lt/30-40 sqm

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