On all types of floors and coverings in absorbent cement agglomerate (ex. grit, betonella, ..) where there is the risk of rising damp.



To make the “treatment at damp” that permit to reduce the time of execution of the work cycle. Particularly indicated for places where ther is the risk of rising damp (ex. basements, presence of expanded clay in screeds, absence of waterproofing, farmhouses, …).


During the cold and damp season and in closed and not well areated places, drying times of TIM can be much longer. If you apply TIM on a surface that is uniformly damp (ex. immediately after the washing), wait at least 48 hours before apply IDROFIN MATT / IDROFIN LUCIDO.

If it has been made a cleaning to remove an old treatment apply the product EXCEL PLUS in place of TIM.

It is suggested to make this system on compact polished or smoothed stones (marbles, grits, slate, travertines). Read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products.


– Easy to apply, ideal also for the do-it-yourself.

– High resistance against the rising damp.

– It does not substantially change the colour of the material.

– Residual active ingredients are non-toxic.



– 1lt/4-8 sqm


– 1lt/12-18 sqm

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