On all types of floors and coverings in natural absorbent stone placed outside.

– Not polished and at medium-high absorption andstones and limestones.

– Stones with worked surfaces (sandblasted, bushhammered, …).


To make a high resistant against stains and dirt treatment leaving totally naturalness to the material.


Spread LITOFLON with fleece applicator, soft cloth, sponge or paint brush wetting the surface homogeneously and following the absorption of the material. Pad possible excesses before the drying of the product. Possible excesses of the product must be removed by passing again a cloth moistened with LITOFLON on the surface.

On recovered from old treatments surfaces apply EXCEL PLUS insetad of LITOFLON.

It is always suggested to read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products.


– Invisible antistain no film protection.

– Easy to apply.

– Excellent resistance to washigs.

– It does not become yellow.



– 1lt/10-15 mq


– 1lt/10-20 mq

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