On all floors and coverings that contain silicates (ex. Granites, Porcelain stoneware, Glazed ceramic, etc.) inside and outside


To increase the friction coefficient of wet surfaces, to reduce the risk of slipping. Prevention of risks caused by slipping and falls, protecting of people and avoiding possible civil costs and penal penalities.


The sparkless and the colour of treated surfaces can be subjected to variations also considerable. The reaction time of the product depends on the desired effect and on the type of material (generally 10-15 minutes). The product don’t have to dry on the surface.

To etablish the right time of reaction of the product and the effect ont the sparkless and on the colour of the material, we suggest to make a preliminar test.

It is suggested to make a preliminar test to etablish the resistance of the material to clean to acid substances and to consult carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of the used produts


GRIPPER reacts with the silicate component of the material, by the production of a microporousity that reduces drastically the slipperiness of polish and smooth floors, dangerous for their slipperiness when they are wet.



– 1 lt / 10-20 sqm


– 1 lt > 100 sqm

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