On floors and coverings in cotto and terracotta sanded, brushed, … (at deiling, archs, …).


To eliminate the superficial dusting of any inside stone material after re-cleaning operations (ex. sanding, brushing, …) or to avoid the superficial dusting of industrial floors.


On few absorbent or with a low superficial dusting materials and on plasters, PRIMAMANO can be used diluted in water until 1:1. In situations in which there is the risk of rinsing damp, it is suggested the application of a coat of TIM previously at PRIMAMANO.

Read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of products.



– Light tonalisation of the material.

– Not filmogenic anti-dust protection. Protezione antispolvero non filmogena.

– Excellent binding power of superficial reaggregation (antidust).

– Easy application also in the pigmented version, on all surfaces.




– on absorbent materials 1lt/8-12 sqm

– on compact materials 1lt/15-20 sqm


– 1lt/12-18 sqm

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