On all tyoes of floors and coverings in natural stone with smoothed or polished finishings, compact and few absorbant, placed inside(ex: marble, travertine,calcareous stone in general, on granites and slate).


To make a treatment which has a high resistance against stains and dirt, leaving totally naturalness to the material.


GUARD is an impregnating anti-stain protective that makes easier the cleaning of surfaces from stains of normal daily use, except for acid substances. These substances leave corrosions of the surface (opaque halos) and not halos of absorption (stains).

Apply LUXOR always in small doses and respect the indicated consumptions. Spread the product on the surface rubbing with a soft cloth until the complete absorption and polishing of the material.

It is suggested to read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products.


– Excellent resistance to washings.

– It does not become yellow.

– Easily periodically domestic restoring protection.



– 1lt/20 -30 sqm


– 1lt/> 30 -50 sqm

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