On all types of coverings in porcelain stoneware anc ceramic placed outside.


For the cleaning and the removal of deposits of smog, green algaes and molds from vertical surfaces as facades, walls, windowsills, …


On stones, grits and cement use DELICACID and not VIACEM. On cotto use VIACEM diluted 1:1 in water. On delicate and not resistant to acids materials (ex. marbles and polished grits, black slate “lavagna”), remove PULITORE FC only with a lot of water avoiding the acid passage.

It is suggested to make a preliminar test to verify the resistance of the material that has to be cleaned to acid substances and to read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products that are used.


– High power of dissolution of fat substances in general.

– Easy to use, rinse and remove, also on high absorption materials.

– Possibility of intervention on any type of surface.



– 1 lt / 3-5 sqm.


– 1 lt / 10-15 sqm.

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