On all absorbent stony materials (Cotto, Stone, Marbles, Granites, Cement agglomerates, cement, etc.) on vertical and horizontal surfaces also placed outside.


To make a covering that reduces drastically the absorption of the water and of substances that stain keeping a good transpirability of the porous support (it doesn’t make films). The excellent resistance to the becoming yellow makes it particularly suitable for the applications in outside. It strengthens dusty surfaces of the materials increasing the resistance to wear and eliminating the release of dust.


The surfaces that have to be treated must be clean and dry. The treatment of cleaning, when it is necessary, must be planned case by case. Cleaning with strong and aggressive chemicals are not suggested. It is advisable the sandpapering with following removal of dust. The cement conglomerate that contains additives and products for the superficial treatment must be object of previous tests of adhesion.

Complete hardening of the system at 23°C about 7 days.

It is not recommended to apply the material under 10°C and over 35°C.

It is always suggested to read carefully technical sheets of products.


– Suitable for new or equal to new supports.

– It resists at the traffic of people.

– Breathable, it does not make films.

– Anti-dust.

– It doesn’t become yellow in time.

– Economic.

– It can be made in fast times.

– Large range of colours.



It depends on the absorption of the material:

– medium-high absorption 1 kg / 3-6 sqm;

– medium-low absorption 1 kg / 6-12 sqm.

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