On civil and industrial floorings in concrete, for inside and outside.


Its formulation based on water bi-component epoxy resins makes it particularly indicated for places subject to vehicular traffic. It solves the problem of the production of dust at the passage of carts. it produces a pleasant “wet effect” that gives sparkless to the floor and intensifies chromatic shades.


The initial preparation of the surfaces has to be made with a careful brushing at damp with synthetic felts and following rinsing of the surface; when it is possible, make a careful washing with water under pressure (min 300 atmospheres) and brushes, removing the water in excess. If the initial support is too hard, not porous, and potentially of dark colour, it is possible that there have been add to the concrete hydrophobic or of another nature additives, that impede the deep penetration of the product ANTI-STAUB. In this case, resort to solvent cycles.

Complete hardening of the system at 23°C about 7 days.

It is not suggested to apply the material under 10°C and over 35°C.

It is always suggested to read carefully TECHNICAL DATA SHEETS of products.


– Suitable for new or equal to the new.

– Economic – Fast to make (48 hours).

– It does not makes film.

– It is water repellent and breathable.

– No unpleasant odours during the application.

– It resists to the transit of rubberized vehicles.



– 0,100-0,120 kg 7 sqm for hand depending on the porosity of the support.

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