On all floors and coverings in decorated cement and placed inside, like grits, palladian, …


The ordinary cleaning and detergence have to be made with products that are specified for surfaces in natural stone.

Maintenance and protection are suggested when the surface looks thinner and not uniform anymore.

Periodicity of use:

– every 1-2 months: on highly trampled and subject to a strong wear surfaces (shops, public places, offices, kitchens, bar, restaurants, …).

– every 4 – 6 months: on surfaces with a moderate use (entrances, bathrooms, …)

– everi 6 – 12 months: on surfaces with less wear (ax. sleeping areas, …).


Never wash the treated floor with alcaline detergents (ex. that contain ammonia or bleach) or with strong acid detergents (hydrochloric acid) or containing abrasives or alcohol.

Read carefully the TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products that are used.


The correct execution of these maintenance rules ensure the keeping in time of the main aesthetic and protective characteristics of the treatment, without the necessity of periodic remakings and demanding recovery washings.



the concentration of use depends on the dirt to remove.


– Pure until 1 :1 part inwater: pto make extraordinary washings for a deep cleaning on old treatment at wax become black for the accumulation of the dirt and to remove excesses of maintenance wax without totally eliminate the underground treatment. Spread UNIPUL on the floor, let it act for some minute and so rub the surface with medium hardness pads. Remove the resuìidue and rinse with water.

– Diluted 1 : 30 – 40 pats in water: for normal dirt in the periodic cleaning of not treated hard surfaces.

– Diluted 1: 80 – 100 parts in water (1/3 of glass in 8 – 10 lt of water): for the daily detergence of the treated surface at floor, polish stones, glazed ceramics, porcelain stoneware, klinker, washable walls, surfaces in plastic, lacquer and varnished surfaces (tables, furnitures, internal of cars, …), linoleum, bathroom fixtures.


– On medium-high absorbant stones 1lt / 30 – 40 sqm


– on marbles, granites 1 lt/ >40 sqm

– compact smooth stones 1 lt/ 30-40 sqm

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