On all floors and coverings in cement agglomerate (ex. grits, betonelle, selfblockings, …) placed outside.


Detergence and ordinary cleaning must be made with products that are specific for cotto.

The maintenance and the protection are recommended when the surface become thinner and not uniform anymore.

Frequence of use:

– every year: on highly trampled and subject to atmospheric agents surfaces.

– every 2-3 months: on surfaces with a moderate use and under cover.


Don’t wash the treated surface with alcaline detergents (ex. that contains ammonia or bleach) or with strong acid detergents (hydrochloric acid) or that contain abrasives or alcohol.

Cleaner DELICACID is suggested for:

– wash treated surfaces where have been made works (ex. site’s powder, whitewashings, …).

– eliminate possibly haloes or whitening caused by rains and irrigations, limestone’s deposits into treated or not treated floors.

On delicate and non resistant to acids materials (ex. Marbles, Travertine, Polish Cement Agglomerated, Black Slate “Lavagna”), don’t apply DELICACID.

It is suggested to make a peliminar test to verify the resistance to acids of the material to be cleaned.

Read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products that are used.


The correct following of these maintenance rules ensure the maintenance in time of aesthetic and protective characteristics of the treatment, without the necessity of periodic remakes and demanding recovery washings.



The concentration of use depends on the dirt to remove.


– pure until 1:1 part of water: to make extraordinary washes of deep clean on old treatments at wax become black by the accumulation of the dirt and to remove excesses of maintenance wax, without completely remove the background treatment. Spread UNIPUL on the surface and let it act for some minutes, so rub the surface with medium hardness pads. Remove the residue and rinse with water.

– diluted 1: 30-40 parts in water: for normal dirt in the the periodic cleaning of non treated hard surfaces.

– diluted 1: 80-100 parts in water (1/3 of glass in 8-10 lt of water): for the daily detergence of treated floor surface.


– 1 lt / 8-14 sqm


– on marbles, granites and other few absorbant materials 1 lt / 15-30 sqm;

– on absorbant stones 1 lt / 8-15 sqm.


– on stones 1 lt / 12-18 sqm;

– on few absorbant stones 1 lt / 5-10 sqm.

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