On all floors and coverings in cotta and terracotta (treated or not and placed inside).


The detergence and the ordinary cleaning have to be made with products that are specific for cotto.

The maintenance and the protection is suggested when the surface looks thinner and not uniform anymore.

Frequency of use:

– every 1-2 months: on intensively trampled and subject to a strong usure surfaces (shops, offices, bar, restaurants, …).

– every 4-6 months: on surfaces subject to a moderate use (barthrooms, entrances, …).

– every 6-12 months: on surfaces subject to a low usure (ex. night zone, …).


Don’t wash the treated surface with alkaline detergents (ex. that contain ammonia or bleach) or with strong acid detergents (hydrochloric acid) or that contain abrasives or alcohol.

It is suggested to use the cleaner DELICACID to descale surfaces for:

– wash treated surfaces where have been made works (ex. dust of the building site, whitewashings, …)

– eliminate possible haloes and whitenings caused by rains or irrigations, deposits of limestone in treated or not treated floors.

On delicate and not resistant to acids materials (ex. Marbles, Polishes Cement Agglomertaes and Travertine, Black slate “lavagna”), do not apply DELICACID.

Si consiglia di effettuare un test preliminare per determinare la resistenza del materiale da pulire alle sostanze acide.

Read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products.


The right execution of these maintenance rules ensure the maintenance in time of the main protective and aesthetic characteristics of the treatment, without the necessity of periodic remakings and demanding recovery washings.



the concentration of use depends on the type of dirt to remove.


– Diluted 1 : 2 – 4 parts in water: for consistent dirt in the periodic cleaning of hard not treated surfaes.

– Diluted 1 : 20 – 30 parts in water (a glass in 8-10 lt of water): for normal dirt in the priodic cleaning of hard not treated surfaces.

– Dilued 1 : 80 – 100 partis in water (1/4 of glass in 8-10 lt of water): for the daily detergence of treated floor surfaces.


– 1lt / 30 – 40 sqm

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