Specific descaling cleaning of floors, coverings and surfaces in granite, quartzite or porphyry and in all the stones that contain minerals with iron and that with non-specific descaling washes tend to yellow the stone.


WHEN you want to carry out a descaling cleaning:

✔ efflorescence and calcareous encrustations;

✔ cement residues from laying;

✔ lime paint residues;

✔ plastering residues;

✔ superficial rust deposits;

✔ limestone deposits and encrustations due to irrigation or atmospheric agents.


✔ Some stones, including granite, porphyry, gneiss, contain particles of ferrous minerals, which with non-specific descaling washes tend to yellow the stone (such as hydrochloric acid).

ACIDO HP4 descales the surface and inhibits the oxidation of ferrous materials contained in the stones.


apply ACIDO HP4 on the surface;

rub the surface with brown discs or brown pads until the scale and dirt of the installation site have been removed;

remove the dirt and the product with a cloth or wet vacuum cleaner;

finally rinse with plenty of water.

It is advisable to carefully consult the TECHNICAL SHEETS of the used products.



Marbec | ACIDO HP4 1LT Descaling acid detergent for granite, quartzite, porphyry

ACIDO HP4 is a strong descaler and anti- limestone specific for stones containing ferrous minerals. The product removes cement slurry and efflorescence. In addition, it eliminates limescale and rust stains.


 ✔ inhibits the oxidation of ferrous minerals contained in the stone material avoiding the formation of halos and yellow spots;

✔ removes residues of cement grouts, efflorescences and limestone encrustations;

✔ removes halos and light superficial rust deposits from stone materials (cotto and stones);

✔ does not contain hydrochloric acid.




• for energetic washes: 1 lt / 4-8 m²;

• for normal washing: 1 lt / 10-15 m²;


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