On floors, walls and surfaces in granite, quartzite, porphyry and stones that contain iron.



For cleaning and removing:

✔ calcareous efflorescences and incrustations;

✔ laying cement residues;

✔ lime paint residues;

✔ plaster residues;

✔ superficial rust deposits.


✔ inhibits the oxidation of ferrous materials contained in the stones.


Some volcanic stones, including granite and porphyry, contain within them iron ore particles. Therefore, if washed with non-specific descaling detergents (such as hydrochloric acid), they tend to turn yellow. ACIDO HP4 is specific for after laying and descaling cleaning (and descaling cleaning in general) of these materials.


Manual cleaning instructions:

• apply ACIDO HP4 on the surface;

• rub the surface with brown pads until the complete removal of deposits and dirt;

• remove dirt or product with a cloth;

• rinse with a cloth and plenty of water.

Instructions for cleaning with machinery:

• apply ACIDO HP4 on the surface;

• rub the surface with a floor scrubber equipped with brown discs, up to the removal of scale and construction dirt;

• vacuum the product and dirt with a wet vacuum cleaner;

• rinse the surface with plenty of water using the floor scrubber with a nylon disk and a wet vacuum cleaner.

Do not use ACIDO HP4 acid detergent on calcareous materials (marble and travertine, etc.).

It is advisable to carry out a preliminary test to determine the resistance of the material to be cleaned to acid substances and carefully consult the TECHNICAL DATA SHEETS of the products used.



• for energetic washes: 1 lt / 3-6 m²;

• for normal washing: 1 lt / 8-12 m²;

• for light washings: 1 lt / over 15 m².

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