On all types of garden furnitures, fixtures, coverings and floors in wood placed outside treated at impregnation or varnished.


The detergence and the ordinary cleaning must be made when the surface needs it with products specific for the wood.

The maintenance and the protection are recommended when the surface looks thinner and not uniform anymore.


– 1 coat every 1 – 2 years for highly trampled surfaces with an high danger of stains or directly exposed to the sunlight and the leaching.

– 1 coat every 2 – 3 years on outside covered or few trampled surfaces.


Do not wash treated floors with alkaline detergents (ex. that contain ammonia or bleach), or with strong acid detergents (hydrochloric acid) or that contain abrasives or alcohol.

Read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of products.


The correct execution of these maintenance rules, ensures the preservation in time of the main protective and aesthetic characteristics of the treatment, without the necessity of periodic restorations and challenging recovery washings.

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