On all types of wooden floors and coverings treat at impregnation, waxed or varnished, placed inside.


The detergency and the ordinary cleaning has to be made with products that are specific for wood.

The maintenance and the protection is suggested when the surface appears thin and not uniform anymore.


– every 2-3 months: on surfaces intensely trampled and subject to a strong wear (shops, public places, kitchens, exc.).

– every 3-6 months: on surfaces at moderate use (ex. living rooms, bathrooms, halls, exc.).

– every 12 months: for surfaces at less wear (ex. bedrooms, furnitures, coverings, exc.).


Never wash treated floorings with alkalines detergents (ex. that contain ammonia or bleach) or with strong acid detergents (ex. hydrochloric acid) or that contain abrasive or alcohol.

Read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of products


Teh correct execution of these maintenance rules, ensures the preservation in time of the main protective and aesthetic characteristics of the treatment that has be made, without the necessity of periodical renovations and challenging recovery washings.



It depends on the concentration of use:

– diluted 1: 1-4 parts in hot water: to remove considerable dirt in the periodical cleaning of treated surfaces.

– diluted 1: 20-30 parts in water (a glass in 8-10 lt of water): for normal dirt in the periodical cleaning of treated surfaces.

– diluted 1: 50-60 parts in water (1/3 of glass in 8-10 lt of water): for the daily detergence of the treated surfaces.


– 1 lt 30-40 sqm.


– 1 lt 30-40 sqm.


– 1 lt 50-80 sqm.


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