On all types of floors and coverings in Porcelain stoneware, Ceramic and micro-porous materials in general.


To make an extraordinary cleaning and remove from ceramic and porcelain stoneware’s surfaces the tenaciously anchored and strongly penetrated into the superficial microporosities dirt.


MICRONET must be used pure or diluted in water depending on the dirt to be removed.

If MICRONET is used pure it can be useful a rinse with an aqueous solution of 3-3% DELICACID.

It is suggested to make a preliminar test to verify the resistance of the material to be cleaned to acid substances and to read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products that are used.


– High capacity of solubilization of the dirt.

– Easily emulsifiable in water.

– It does not leave persistent odours during the use or in the rooms.



depending on the concentration of use.

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