On all types of floors and coverings in porcelain stoneware and ceramic materials.


To clean and remove from floors in porcelain stoneware:

– Efflorescences and limestone incrustations.

– Cement residues of the laying.

– Residues of lime paints.

– Residues of plasterings.

– Superficial deposits of rust.

– To eliminate residues of coloured synthetic grouts.

– Halos of the dirt from trampling.


Like stain remover we suggest to leave act POWER DET on the stain for the time that is necessary for the dissolution of the dirt.

POWER DET can be diluted in water depending on the type of dirt.

POWER DET can be removed with a wet-vac.

It is suggested to make a preliminar test to verify the resistance of the material that has to be cleaned to acid substances and to read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products that are used.


– High wetting capacity and of solubilisation of the dirt.

– Strongly emulsifiable in water.

– It does not leave persistent odours during the use and in the rooms.



– as concentrated cleaner and stain remover 1 lt / 15-20 sqm.

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