On all types of rough floors and coverings in cotto and terracotta.


For the cleaning and the removal from floors and coverings in cotto and terracotta of:

– Efflorescences and limestone incrustations.

– Cement residues of the laying.

– Residues of mortar paints.

– Residues of plasterings.

– Superficial deposits of rust.


Do not use acid detergent VIACEM on stones in general, especially on calcareous stones (marbles and travertines), black italian slate (lavagna), cement agglomerates; on these material the descaling / desincrusting washing is recommended that is made with alkaline SGRISER and neutral UNIPUL detergents.

It is suggested to make preliminar tests to verify the resistance of the material to be cleaned to acid substances and to read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of the used products.


– Strong descaling action.

– Low exhalations.

– High emulsifier of dirt power.



– for strong washings: 1 lt/3-6 sqm

– for normal washings: 1 lt/8-12 sqm

– for light washigs: 1 lt/more 15 sqm


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