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Impregnant oleo-waxy for wet effect for stone materials outside

Impregnating product water repellent and stain resistant to treatment to wet effect of surfaces in terracotta and stone placed outside


Water-repellent impregnating and stain resistant oleo-waxy for the treatment for wet effect of surfaces in terracotta and stone placed outside. The presence of fluorinated components in the product ensures a high resistance to atmospheric agents. Saturates the porosity of the material without leaving a thick and rigid surface films; does not create spellicolamenti. Dries more rapidly than the cooked linseed oil without creating tone differences. The product can be easily restored in time through the application of a new step of wet out and without the need for onerous recoveries.


Shake wet out before use. Apply only on dry surfaces. Dilute with AGRUMOIL DILUOIL or. On materials with a high absorption are necessary 2 steps of impregnating saturarne for porosity. Distribute wet out with spandicera fleece or brush uniformly wetting the surface following the absorption of the material. After 30-60 minutes uniform absorption of wet out by removing the excess of product from the surface by wiping with a cloth or soft brush. After drying (at least 4-6 hours) apply a second coat by operating as above. Finally, polish with soft cloth or with soft brush just dry (generally 12-24 hours). Can be pigmented with OILTONER.

On Tuscan terracotta 1 lt / 12-18 mq;
on clear terracotta or stone highly absorbent 1 lt / 5-10 mq.


1 litro – 5 litri.

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