Waxy finisher for beams, ceiling wood paneling

Product in liquid wax in solvent easily for wood surfaces can not be walked indoors. Forms a non-sticky gloss wax finish with excellent resistance to aging and dirt.


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On all types of wood surfaces not for pedestrian (beams, wooden ceilings, paneling, etc.) Placed inside. On the wood forms a non-sticky gloss wax finish with excellent resistance to aging and dirt. Repolishable and easily restorable in time. Compared to traditional paste waxes, the fluidity of BEAM-L allows easy and fast application also by spraying. It dries quickly (4-6 hours in well ventilated environments). It leaves no unpleasant odor during use and indoor air. BEAM-L can be pigmented with OILTONER the desired color version.


Shake before use BEAM-L. BEAM-L Apply with a spray or brush / brush wetting the surface homogeneously without excess. Just the surface dry, polish with brush or soft pad or warm the surface with hot air to remove any bleaching especially in cold weather. Generally it is sufficient to the application of a BEAM-L hand. Only on very rough wooden surfaces and extremely irregular may be required to apply a second coat. Rinse the equipment with AGRUMOIL / DILUOIL before the product.

According to the absorbency of the wood.


1 litro – 5 litri.

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