Protective stain pad special for top kitchen tops and bathrooms

Produced for all types of kitchen tops and stone and agglomerated baths: forms an anti-slip oil-repellent chemical barrier, invisible protection and easy removal of dirt.


Protective stain-resistant impregnating agent for low-absorbing stone and agglomerates. Forms a chemical anti-slip oil-repellent chemical barrier. Easy to remove dirt. Do not form superficial films. It forms an invisible shield. It does not yellow in time and degrades by altering the material. Water-based product without danger and specific toxicity for the user and the environment.


Shake before use. Generally, only one hand of product is sufficient to give the oil-repellent protection. Spray TOP PROTECTION on the surface and with a soft cloth, sponge, evenly soaked. During drying, buffer any excess before drying. In the case of excesses dried on the surface, remove them by wrapping a TOP PROTECTION wet cloth on the material. Just dry (1 – 2 hours) apply the second hand (where necessary) proceeding as for the first one. Wash the equipment with water before drying the product.

Approximately 200ml> 3 sqm.


200 ml.

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