Stain remover for the removal of oil stains and grease of animal and vegetable origin of stone materials

Product in alkaline dispersion thickened to remove oils and animal and vegetable fats, drying oils, soot and residues (carbon black) from absorbent stone materials. Particularly suitable for vertical surfaces and / or localized interventions.


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On all stone materials (Cotto, Stone, glazed ceramics, clinker, stoneware, cements, grits, etc.). Do not use on wood, linoleum, rubber and PVC. Protect the painted surfaces and anodized aluminum from contact with TIXO.


Ready to use: proceed with the application of the product with a spatula or palette taking care to leave a layer of at least 3-5 mm TIXO on the stain to remove. If necessary, the extractive duration of the action can be increased by covering the wrap with a sheet of plastic material (eg. Soft tape or Domopack) so as to slow down the evaporation. Always let the wrap dry and then proceed to its removal Dry with nylon brush or broom. Rinse with an acid solution (eg. DELICACID or VIACEM diluted 1: 1 in water) the acid-resistant materials, while for the most delicate materials only rinse with plenty of water. Check that it is removed and repeat the application if necessary.

According to the absorbency and the type of material.
On average, with 1 kg of product it is covers about 1-2 square meters of surface.


1 kg – 5 kg.


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