Oil-wax impervious protective foam for wood

Waterproof protective product for the impregnation of wooden surfaces laid out internally. It does not create films or superficial films. Possibility of pigmentation with OILTONER.


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On all wooden surfaces inside (parquet, coatings, furniture, structures). Forms a strong, non-sticky, easy-to-relieve and long-lasting oily-tough protection. Do not form superficial films.


Shake TIROIL before use. The product is used pure or diluted with AGRUMOIL / DILUOIL. Any dilution is useful for saturating the more compact and oily woods (eg Teak and Iroko), facilitating impregnation. Distribute TIROIL with spatula (on the floor), brush or rag, homogenously wetting the surface following the absorption of wood. After about 30-60 minutes remove excess product from the surface by rubbing it with soft disc (on the floor), soft cloth, soft brush or brush. Wait for drying (12-24 hours) and apply a second coat as above. After drying (at least 24 to 48 hours in good ventilation) or otherwise, as soon as the surface is dry and not oily to the touch, polish with a soft disc. You can achieve pigmentation by adding OILTONER to the desired color version. Do not apply TIROIL to varnish or wood that is not perfectly sanded or cleaned by any trowels. The product, to dry in the required time, needs good ventilation of the premises or slight airflow on the surface.


On absorbent wood or coarse finish 1 lt / 12-15 mq;
On low absorbent wood (teak, iroko) 1 lt / 20-30 mq;
On very compact wood 1 lt /> 30 sqm.


1 litro – 5 litri.


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