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Moisture and stain resistant protective for absorbent stone materials


Breathable water-oil repellent protective for absorbent stone materials: cotto, absorbent stone, plasters, cement and cement agglomerates placed indoors and outdoors. It does not alter the appearance of the material.


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TIM is a water-based protective impregnating agent, which forms a consistent water-oil repellent, breathable chemical barrier on absorbent stone materials: cotto, absorbent natural stone, cement, mineral plaster.

✔ can be applied on both internal and external surfaces;

✔ avoids and contrasts rising damp (and consequently the formation of saline efflorescence, crusts, patinas, algae, etc.);

✔ eliminates or drastically reduces the absorption of water in the material (eg rain, water-soluble substances, cement grouts, oils and greasy substances, etc.);

✔ has a high chemical inertness and resistance to atmospheric agents;

✔ does not alter the appearance of the material.

It is recommended, on very absorbent materials, the application of the TIM product (diluted 50% in water) in the phases previous to the laying or grouting of the material, in order to protect the absorbent material, facilitate and speed up the subsequent processing phases.

  1. Shake before using. Apply on dry surfaces.
  2. It can be applied by distributing the product homogeneously with a brush, microfiber cloth, sponge or fleece wax spreader, wetting homogeneously the surface to be treated and following the absorption of the material. In case of poorly absorbent materials it is recommended to redistribute any excess product of the material on the surface during the drying phase.
  3. Normally it dries in 4-8 hours depending on the ventilation.

It is applied to material saturation:
• 1 coat: on materials with medium absorption;
• 2 coats: on highly absorbent materials;
The second coat must be applied as soon as the first one has been absorbed and without waiting for it to dry (wet on wet). Avoid that the surfaces just treated are wet from rain before 12 hours.


Depending on the absorption of the materials:
on low absorbent material 1 lt / 8 – 12 m2;
on very absorbent material 1 lt / 4 – 8 m2.


• 1 lt;

• 5 lt;

20 lt.



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